Sunday, May 12, 2013

The COLDNESS within

My greatest blessing in life has been my parents. It is they who not just gave brought me to this world but gave their last breath to raise  their four daughters. While they made sure that our every material  need was taken care of within their budget, my father recited stories from scriptures, used proverbs to covey realities of life and above all taught us values.

I feel blessed to belong to the VATSA clan. I thank  my ancestors.

Coupled with the values given to us by my parents, was the wonderful environment of Bamruli where i grew up. It was a colony way ahead of its time. Very open, very modern, very Cosmoplitan and thriving with life and postiivity.

It is the combination of my parents's upbringing, the happy growing up years in Bamrauli and an ever abiding deep faith in the almighty which has shaped my life.

I was a happy, innocent girl till the day i got married  I was totally unprepared for the atrocities that life would throw my way. As i trudged along my unhappy married life, it was my upbringing that saw me through  As the difficulties kept escalating i wondered where GOD was. Or how he could afford to be such a callous onlooker.

After a twenty year old journey God manifested himself in my life. In the form of a stranger.

And thus began a new phase in my life. but this too was extremely difficult, fraught with mental agony, stress, patches of darkness. The only difference as that every time my faith was temporarily shaken, i would pray to God and  without fail  get strength  and go on ill the next hurdle came along. cos i had seen proof of God in my life.

slowly by slowly i figured  out my destiny.

Having experienced God's presence in my life, i feel each day is a gift. Like today. It is mother's Day. I had overlooked this till i was reminded by my  laptop.

I feel that Hinduism is one of the richest religions in the world. But it is also a paradox. The religion that worships Godesses and Devis has a history of ill treating its women.

Be it Sita 

Or Draupadi

But all is not lost. There is hope. This morning i came to know about a  unique temple in  Uttar Pradesh. It is situated between Allahabad and Varanasi, in a place called Sitmarhi.  This is the place where Sita went underground after her exile in Valmiki Ashram.

Here is a 108 feet long statue of  Lord Hanuman , with folded hands  asking Sita Mata to forgive everyone and not leave them behind.

Thank you Vishal Rathod for sharing this. Today. On Mother's Day.

Undoubtedly the most significant relation in this word is a MOTHER. She not only nurtures life inside her, gives birth  to a miracle and showers unconditional love to her offspring.

Thanks to the Western culture, we can cerebrate such a day in India too. I feel a society should not be closed. while celebrating its own uniqueness  it should be open to  learning  and adopt good aspects of other cultures. Moral policing and fanaticism should be banished form society. It is only then we shall grow and prosper and prosper as human beings.

Now coming to the  title of this post.

I feel that all wrongdoings in this world arise froms COLDNESS of heart. The coldness that we let live in our hearts. Instead of love, compassion and empathy.

As a rule i avoid driving. But whenever i have to , i do drive in Faridabad.

 i love going to temples early morning as i find the experience  very uplifting. For a long time i have been going to Mata Vaishno Devi's temple is NIT Faridabad.

Yesterday i went their  around 10 am when there was high traffic on Mathura road. As i made my way, i saw  a little boy, barely five  year old with an empty water bottle in his hand, begging the waiting cars for money. As i looked toward my right my attention was caught by another five year old boy sitting on the pavement. I was stunned by what he was doing. he had a broken piece of a marble mortar, a stone and a rope. This was his toy. and he was content wit that.

As i looked at these two little  boys my heart stopped beating for a second .  i wondered whether i would have reached where i am today  if my childhood had been spent begging and playing with stones on the pavement.

yet we all turn a blind eye to such realities of life. All because of the COLDNESS WITHIN.

The day we admit he thee coldness in our heart, we shall TEAR DOWN OUR IVORY TOWERS  and try to make some semblance of justice in this world.

This is my message on Mother's Day.

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