Thursday, July 18, 2013

Acid Attack : 2013 Ruling

Lakshmi, an acid attack victim
Of the many atrocities leashed on women across our country, besides rape, eve teasing, stalking, sexual harassment at work, there  is the case of acid attacks on women.

Pretty often this horrendous act is committed due to a woman thwarting advances of an obsessed  lover.

Since there was no strong law for this heinous act, the culprits have gone free or been subjected to a bare minimum punishment. This in turn encouraged mo men to perpetrate this crime.

Due to absence of  strong law, there is no clear data available.

Recently  a Mumbai victim, Preeti Rahi succumbed to her injures after a month long battle  with acid burns.  Her last words to her family, conveyed by writing on slips of paper was. as to how they would bear the cost of medical expenses if she was shifted t a better hospital.  But that never happened as she died before she could be shifted.

Another victim Lakshmi, who was attacked by acid  merely on refusing to marry a suitor at the young age of 15 has been a crusader for acid attack victims.

Thanks t her eight year long struggle, today Supreme Court issued a landmark judgement.

 Today,Supreme Court directs state governments to pay Rs 3 lakh as compensation to each acid attack victim; SC says Rs 1 lakh to be paid within 15 days; SC asks state governments to bear all treatment and rehabilitation costs.

in addition to the rehabilitation costs  the sale of acid has been regulated   Only licenced retailers will be allowed to sell acid an they have to maintain a photo identity of the customer, besides  noting don the address and purpose of buying acid.

Kudos  to Lakshmi .  Looking forward to more such stringent rules by SC for women's  safety.


  1. We can enact any number of laws...till our mind set doesn't change,nothing will change..In this case,look at the punishment in the Middle East

    1. It is true that the mindset needs too change. Laws passed may not give instant results but they certainly help to make the campaign stronger.