Sunday, August 4, 2013

SHE and Friendship Day

We all know HUGS are an expression of Love. Affection. Appreciation. Honor. Liking, Acceptance and so much more.

Today on Friendship Day i made a   discovery. A beautiful one at that.

21 January is National Hugs Day.

  What makes is day special for me is that, 21 January is the birthday of my elder daughter.  The day was announced in 1986, exactly a yea BEFORE my darling elder daughter was born. 

For sometime now, we have been hearing  about the benefits of Hugging.

Lets do  a little exploring TODAY.

National Hug Day or National Hugging Day is an annual holiday created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney. It occurs on January 21 and is officially recognized by the Hugging Committee of the City of London, as well as the United States copyright Office.

 The holiday was launched on January 21, 1986 in Clio, Michigan, USA, and has since spread globally. The purpose for the holiday is to encourage everyone to hug family and friends more often.

 Whether you hug a family member or a friend or a stranger, the mental and physical health benefits are the same.


Studies have shown that HUMAN CONTACT  has many health benefits. It has been found that human contact improves both PSYCHOLOGICAL  and PHYSICAL  development.

 HUGGING  can also help build a good immune system, decrease the risk of heart disease, and DECREASES  levels of the stress hormone CORTISOL  in women.

 It has been shown that a couple who hugs for 20 seconds has higher levels of OXYTOCIN , and that those who were in a loving relationship exhibited a highest increase. According to the American Psychosomatic Society, a hug or 10 minutes of holding hands with a romantic partner can help reduce stress, and its harmful physical effects

.In a study, adults who had no contact with people had higher blood pressure and heart rate. Other studies have indicated that the TOUCH of a friend might not be as helpful as the touch of a partner but should not be avoided.


The FREE HUGS CAMPAIGN  was launched in 2004 long after the launch of National Hug Day. The Free Hugs Campaign involves people giving HUGS  to RANDOM people on the street. The premise of giving a hug to someone to LIFT  THEIR SPIRITS is the commonality that National Hug Day shares with the Free Hugs Campaign.

 However, National Hug Day has one specific day that encourages people to give out hugs throughout the year, whereas the Free Hugs Campaign can be organized at any time during the year. The Free Hugs Campaign has received a lot of media attention over the years,

Now,let us talk about SHE.  Who is SHE? someone w know? someone akin to our own self? Someone we already are? someone we aspire to be? Bingo

For SHE  was born  TODAY for me.  I am quite the Hugging type. But post realization that my elder daughter was born today i created the acronym.

SHE stands for :

So today, my readers, you too take a pledge to become SHE.That SPECIAL woman who   spreads Love. Laughter. Joy. Peace. Serenity.  And above all GOOD HEALTH, via her HUGS

Give Hugs. Let the OXYTOCIN flow and weave MAGIC of GOOD  HEALTH

Adopt the SHE Mantra this Friendship Day. And the Mantra is:

Say NO to Cortisol.  Say YES to OXYTOCIN. Say YES to HUGS

 May your tribe increase by leaps and bounds

Happy Friendship Day to all !!!