Monday, November 4, 2013


Just a day after Deepawali i am writing a post. A post on 'Autumn of my Life.'

Being a sensitive Pisces and a dreamer, the challenges in my life left me drained at many crossroads. But one thing that i never gave up was Belief.  Belief in the Almighty and belief in  goodness reaping goodness.

It takes a while to understand that not all of your dreams may come true. It takes a while to understand that some pleasant beautiful surprises are in store for you. It takes the Autumn of your life to slow  you down and  teach you to take life one day at a time.

The pangs of parenting hone your maternal feelings. You want nothing buttt he best for your child.  And pretty often your dreams go awry. Possibly because you have set perspectives on wants and needs. But life teaches you to see  beyond the fence. To redefine  your goals. Accept life's symphony which is made up of both white and black keys.

Once again belief cushions the disappointmenst. Belief in the Almighty gives  you the patience and courage to accept the difficult times and rejoice during the good times.

But above all the Autumn of my life has taught me to count my blessings.  The greatest blessing any human being can have is a loving family. As you apply brakes on your lofty dreams  in the Autumn of your life, you begin to see the glass as half full.

There was a time when we had shifted from a south  Delhi home to Faridabad in the 90s. There was dissatisfaction galore at the  starkly different lifestyles. But today  I feel content. I live in a neighborhood where i  know most of my immediate neighbors and there is this is old world charming feeling of a mohallah.. As we adjusted to living in the new locale, the town, the neighbors and everything else started to make sense. 

One of the biggest blessings of my neighborhood is the Shiv Shakti Mandir . Any time i feel restless on account of pending tasks of life, I simply put on my shoes, comb my hair and visit the temple.

There is a beautiful JYOTIRLINGA  temple of all the 12 Shiva lingams  and right  opposite is the ARDH Shakti PARVATI  temple inside the temple premises. These two temples weer added on recently and i had the good fortune of attending their inauguration. The temple has an immensely soothing and calming effect on me.

Yesterday on Diwali it was a great feeling to  have  my younger daughter home for the festival. Being in the Hospitality sector i was very anxious whether she would get leave. Leave she got, albeit for just one day. But it sufficed and we were all immensely happy  to be together as a family on the greatest Hindu festival.

Yesterday i along with my two daughters lit diyas in the temple just like many other neighbors and aftert hat we performed the Diwali Pooja at home.

  In the Autumn of my life little moments of happiness give me immense joy. And while i wait for my remaining drams to come true, I am walking at a leisurely pace, knowing  that Almighty will surely fill my life with unexpected reasons of happiness.

sSo here i sit,  living one moment at a time.

I think this is the best phase of my life. Before i grow old .It is time to bask in the faith in the Almighty and wait for remaining surprises to unfurl.

I quote Albert Camus:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Have you experienced the Autumn of your life?