Friday, December 27, 2013

Gratitude 2013

Just five more days and it will be time to bid adieu to 2013. Jogging my memory for a quick review of what 2013 offered me.

To begin with, i had planned that this would be my year of HEALING.

The year started with a wonderful discovery. I grew up in Allahabad and for a long time felt deeply nostalgic. I felt a strong pull to visit Allahabad. I would surf the net to get info about the town and on one such search i discovered to my utter surprise that 2013 was the year of Mahakumbh. I could not believe this at first but when the news finally sunk in, i drooped all plans and put Allahabad on top of my travel plans. And the year kick started with a life changing experience at he Mahakumbh with my elder daughter.

I traveled to Allahabad via Varanasi and got to  go through the town briefly and visit thee Kashi Vishwanath temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.

I visited Allahabad after 36 years. And my joy knew no bounds when i made a second trip to the town and had an opportunity to attend a grand function at my Alma mater St Mary's convent.

My next travel trip was to Madurai. I  read about the ten day temple festival in Meenakshi temple and decoded there was no way i could miss the celestial wedding of  Lord Siva aka Sounderaeshar to Meenakshi. So hubby and i packed out bags and flew to Madurai even though we did not know a soul there

The Celestial wedding in action in Meenakshi Temple In Madurai.
The ticket for the Celestial wedding

. The very friendly hotel staff and the locals made our trip extremely beautiful . During thee connecting flight and halt at Chennai we had just enough tie to visit a friend who was kind enough to take us to Marina beach. Spent a lovely thirty minutes at the beach.

The travel tale continued......

When my elder daughter expressed a desire for an International holiday, i spontaneously planned a trip to Thailand. We had the most awesome family holdup in Pattaya and Bangkok and came hoe with wonderful memories . without any doubt the highlight  of the trip was the day spent at Safari World , up close and personal with animals.

 Totally fell in love with these Orangutans.

Some other highlights

The younger daughter starting her career in Hospitality with a reputed Hotel chain

The elder daughter finally getting her much awaited dream job.

Settling scores with two negatives in my life. Aaaaaaah, the joy of calling a spade a spade :)

Saving the best for the last, becoming a published author with my debut Travelogue

, BARFANI BABA, to Amarnath Happily.

2013 you have given me far more than i ever anticipated. The two greatest gifts have been Healing anf contentment. Hence i wrote the post, The Autumn of My Life..  The feel good factor cntined at the year end when i decided to reflect on all the good things 2013 had offered and wrote three posts in two hours:

Little Moments of Happiness 4

Little Moments of Happiness 5

Little Moments of Happiness 6

Any resolutions for 2014? Only one:


Any major hopes and expectations from 2014?

Just TWO!!

Let us see whether these two expectations come true in 2014.

For now it is time to say, GRATITUDE 2013. You have been an awesome year!


  1. u seem to be a year full of travel ....wish you the same for 2014 and a very happy new year

    1. HI, welcome to my Blog. Yes indeed it as a year of meaningful travel. Thanks for the wishes and wishing you too a happy 2014 :)

  2. Abha congrats for your daughters' appointment in the fields of their choice. I can visualise the joy and peace of mind you felt after visiting various temples.Wish you and your family more bounties in the new year.

    1. Thank you Usha di. Yes indeed i am so happy that my girls are working in their chosen fields. I am quite spiritual and just LOVE to visit famous places of pilgrimage and temples. 2013 was really good. Hope 2014 it even better :)

  3. Congrats on your publication.. Thats indeed an achievement to make this year of of your best.. happy new year.

  4. 2013 apparently has been a great year for you..I wish 2014 is even better for you.
    Nothing gives more satisfaction than seeing the children settling down.
    A happy New Year

    1. Yes BK Sir, 2013 was gr8 and has paved the way for a Happier 2014 :)