Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little Moments of Happiness 5

Dahlias and Chrysanthemum dancing in the Winter breeze.

Eating a custard Apple just to revive childhood memories.

Discovering a succulent new fruit called RAAMPHAL.

Going through my Book collection.

Drinking Chaaj at Sagar Ratna.

Eating salted cashew nuts in Winters.

Gifting home made chocolates at Diwali.

A three course meal for Rs 99 at Pizza Hut.

Attending a scintillating Annual Day function in my neighborhood school.

Kada prasad at  the local Gurudwara.

Listening  to a live recital of 'Ek Radha ek Meera, dono ne Shyam ko chaha....".

Thee sight of a vibrant rainbow colored lahariya odhni.

Buying ethnic studded  jhumkas from an exhibition.

Attending a  Lifestyle exhibition under the open wintry Sun.

Whipping up a quick breakfast of potato and cheese bread rolls with coriander chutney for the family.

Stopping by at a dhaba that is surrounded by lush green fields.

A burst of huge beaming Sunflowers along side of a highway.

Once- in- six months treat of a meetha Paan.

Sitting in the passenger treat while your kids drive you around.

The sound of  bells of the neighborhood temple as you go for an early morning prayer.


  1. Wow Aabha. Such small luxuries make us happy. Why do people keep running to get happiness in life?

    1. Yes, in spite of larger goals in life, we should not ignore little moments of happiness that life gives us :)