Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BARFANI BABA To Amarnath, Happily

BARFANI BABA, To Amarnath, Happily is out.

Ok. That is an understatement.  Correction.  Understatement of the year. Ok, Ok, Understatement of my adult life.  Like Parineeti Chopra who screamed and said, " Too much Punjabi blood in my veins", i was tempted to scream , but better sense prevailed :)

I just picked up fresh copies of  BARFANI BABA  from my publisher.  Since this is my first baby, understandably there were a hew hiccups.   But i am happy.  And yes content.  My job is done.  Now it is for the readers to give  their feedback.

Interestingly as i was waiting at the road opposite Gate 2 of Pragati Maidan, i bumped into a friend   A friend who lives all the way in Dubai but is on vacation here.  I met Meenu Mehrota, just as she was going to the Book Fair.  And i handed over the loose copy i had with me to her happily.  Oh yes, i signed it too!

 Meenu this little memory will always be special for me , as you are the FIRST person  i shared the book with.  Even before my family. I am sure you will be my lucky charm.

I am just back from my neighborly get together of my  friends.  Friends whom i have know for two decades. And it was a happy occasion gifting them signed copies.

The first pic i wanted to put up on FB was one of my parents   This is a first time , so i indeed seek their blessings.  And i feel fortunate that they are with me to share my happiness.

Now for the ground work.

There will be a formal launch, in  the near future.  I shall inform you all.  Watch out in the next  few days.

You can buy this book from the BOOK FAIR  if you happen to visit it any time till 10th Feb.

The Vitasta stall is in Hall No 5.  Stall No 249 - 250.

The Book can be ordered Online By 9th February from FLIPKART and INFIBEAM for a start.  Ill put up the link on FB soon.

So, thats about it all.  Go read it. Would love your feedback.  And if the Travelogue inspires you to make the arduous journey to Amarnath this Summer,  ill be mighty happy.

Just a passing shot.  Be gentle. Be  kind.  It is my first attempt and entry into the Writers league. :))


One sultry morning
I felt the kick
A tiny sensation
But ever so quick

And things changed
Grudges waned
Out came delight
Perky and bright

I did a little jig
Like a dangling twig
Joy knew no bounds 
For you were around

The wait seemed too long
Like a never ending song
But i felt you
All along

I dreamnt of dozen faces
With quickening paces
My mind charged
A fluttering bird at large

Now we were in unison
The born and the unborn
Singing a countdown
For a new dawn.


The first look
The grace
The tuning
Locked in time

The smile
The gaze
The gesture
Locked in time

The rush of warmth
The joy
The duet
Locked in time

The throbbing moments
The realization
The deep breath
Locked in time

The hesitant walk
The dancing heart
The tentative steps
Locked in time

The unsure move
The coming home
The bliss
Locked in time

The tingling sensation
The unexpected touch
The wanting
Locked in time

The gay abandon
The deepening ecstasy
The dream fulfilled
Locked in time

Stolen from beyond
Defied from all
The wonder
Locked in time