Friday, February 8, 2013


The Crimson dawn
The saturated sky
The morning glow
Glory to God

The gentle breeze
The chirping birds
The blazing sunshine
Glory to god

The abundant cumulus
The floating stratus
The azure sky
Glory to God

The lofty peaks
The silver glow
Majestic aloofness
Glory to God

The towering trees
The dense forests
The flitting butterfly
Glory to God

The brilliant Hibiscus
the fragrant frangipani
The enthralling rose
Glory to God

The seamless oceans
The singing waterfall
The gurgling stream
Glory to God

The morning Raga
The transient flame
The intoxicating sandalwood
Glory to God


Unsure and hesitant
Betrayed and bandied
The Soul lived on

Embittered and misled
A target of jealousy
The Soul lived on

Beaten and broken
Never giving up
The Soul lived on

Shoved  into darkness
Stalked by demons
The Soul lived on

Cornered and caught
Defiled and ill treated
The Soul lived on

Lit up like a full moon night
The soul lived on
The triumphant Soul


Little did i know
It would be so
Transcending distance
creating memories

Your witty one liner
Would sweep my heart
Your rakish gaze
Would brandish my soul

Your sweet arrogance
Disarming style
Would light up
A million lights

In that time
Sifting through maze
We created memories