Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shivers of SHAME

As i pack my bags for a much awaited holiday, my enthsiasm has vanished due to the rape of five year old Gudiya.

 I feel defeated.

The vigor of  nationwide protest of  the Delhi Gang rape has become meaningless   We thought we had woken up as a nation. As a civilized society. But even the nation wide protests have failed to safeguard women. It does not matter whether she is three months old or fifty. Indian or a foreign tourist. The brutal rape of body and mind of women and tender girls  in our nation  has not ceased.

The euphoria i felt at having attended a stimulating power packed International Women's day at British council where a cross section of celebrities  International NGOs, youth , Bloggers , a Rock band had come together to raise awareness against violence towards  women , now  seems to ring hollow.

The brief  relief i felt at the passing of the Anti Rape Law seems  meaningless now.   After all what can be expected when only a small section of politicians deemed it necessary to be present on the vital voting day.

Who is irresponsible for the cold blooded act of rape of a five year old girl? Locked for two days . Screaming for life.  With a bottle of oil and broken pieces of candle inside her vagina.

In my post INDICHANGE :   An EQUAL Life     , i had written that rape is not about  hormones. It is not about sex. It is not about erotica. Some sections of society had criticized Nirbhaya for venturing out at night. How then do you explain the abduction, rape, torture of five year old Gudiya?

It is about a patriarchal mindset. It is about Violence against women. It is about complacency.   It is about weak laws. It is about immune politicians. It is about US. You and me. And above all it is about the prevailing society we live in.

As i write this post only two stains of relief soothe my anger. The first that Gudiya has been declared out of danger. Secondly that the joint efforts of Delhi Police and Bihar Police have caught Manoj the culprit.

But how many timed do we have to raise our voices for basic human dignity for women. How many times do we have to brave the Police lathis and  bear slaps of Police officers for protesting against injustice?

Obviously all that that has been done is not enough.

NOT ENOUGH i repeat.

We need to keep crating pressure for strict laws.

We need to  have laws to HANG every rapist in  our country.

Perhaps, only then will the perverted, callous, unimaginably twisted psychology of a rapist mind will be held at bay.

But will mere Hanging as a punishment for rape stop rape? Absolutely not.

In the wake of Gudiya's brutal rape, every activist, lawmaker and politicians is realizing that the answer lies WITHIN  us. We have to CHANGE  as a society. change our thinking. Act RESPONSIBLE
What are we teaching our children today?

That Munni is badnaam

Shiela is jawaan

Babli is badmaash.

While you and i return from the movie  hall and get on with our lives, there are men from low cadres of our society who carry this message with them. It pollutes their thinking. As long as there is disparity between the urban and rural, the literate and the illiterate, the poor and the rich, we can't afford item girls.

 We have to stop objectification of women.

Teach gender equality at home and in our primary schools.

What we currently feel is SHIVERS of SHAME.


.This and only this will curb and eventually weed away rape from our country.

Indiblogger, you recently hosted Women Indiblogger meet in Bangalore and Mumbai.

I think it is time for a DELHI Indiblogger meet for WOMEN.

As Bloggers we will all come together, raise our voices, and share our pain. AND give out suggestions of rape free India.

Renie Ravin, i am waiting...........................