Sunday, May 5, 2013

100 years of Indian Cienma :

On May 3 , 100 years ago, Indian cinema's first full length feature, Raja Harishchandra was released. The silent film, directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, marked the beginning of the nation's longstanding affair with cinema. And a 100 years later, filmmaker Shivendra Singh Dungarpur decided to tell the world the story of a man who was never a filmmaker but made films his entire life. His documentary feature, Celluloid Man, celebrates PK Nair, the founder of National Film Archive of India — a man Indian cinema owes more than it has ever acknowledged.

Saans me  teri saans mili to
mujhe saana aayi, mujhe saans aayi.....

Rooh ne choolli  jism ki khushboo
tu jo paas aayi, tu jo paas aayi

What is in a movie? A slice of society. A slice of history. A slice of emotions. A timeless saga. A heart wrenching love story.

Indian Cinema is in complete without dance and music.

Personally for me . i have to thank Gulzar Saheb for the touching lyrics of the song

 sans meain teri saans mili to......

Shreya Ghshal and Mohit Chauhan for the velvety voices............

And SRK and Katrina for the larger than life  cinematic performance

and Yash Chopra for making this poignant, beautiful, haunting love story. Your last Yashji, and debatedly one of your career best.

Personally for me, on 3 May, the song Saans  strangely revealed  the TRUTH of my life, almost. Love Indian Cinema!

Wishing Indian Cinema a g lorious 1000 years!