Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Abuse of Power

The above quote rings true.

Very often people in power forget their beginnings. Forget fairness. Even forget GOD.

And then begins the cycle of  abuse of  power.

abuse of power need not be only in Politics and government

One can see its many shades in all arenas of life.  ans the person who is most affected by it is the common man.
  The common man who works hard to make ends meet. The one who tries to follow the path shown by our illustrious forefathers.

But is CHANGE around the corner?

We have a SANJAY DUTT preferring to surrender in face of the country's judgement instead of ngling for a way out.

We have a Rahul Gandhi openly questioning his mother's 'Soft' policy.

with the IT revolution can we hope to bring about a radical change  in the minimum possible time?

Perhaps ALL that is required to remember some of what we were taught in schools.

And TEACH all that wasn't taught  but needs to be taught.