Monday, December 29, 2014

A Prayer for 2015

This creation of a Visual Poetry to my poem titled "A Prayer for 2015" 

is courtesy a Contest on 

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

My First Lover

I grew up
To your

O Moon!
You were my first lover

As a sprightly young girl
 In total awe 
Of your magnificence
By your silver sheath
I serenaded you
With a love poem

O Moon!
You were my first lover

Like the precious
Drenched in your love
I loved you deeply
Going in a frenzy 
On full moon nights

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

Your mighty 
savoir faire
of tidal swings
Made me wonder at your silent

O Moon!
You were my first lover

People say 
You only reflect
The light of the sun
But only I Know
Your light
Is so much fun

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

Your eclipses
Are often berated
But i proclaim 
To all
Perfection is
often over rated

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

Your waxing and waning
From crescent to a Full moon ball of silver
Dance  in tandem
With my subtle moods

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

To the songs
Sung in your praise
I spent 
The entire night
Under your 
Silver meshes

Tip toeing 
In the middle of the night
I sat by your light
Penning couplets
To my secret lover

As i pined
For my secret lover
I sat perplexed
Sharing my grief
With your patient heart

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

When i finally united
With my ardent lover
I celebrated my joy
Under the full moon night
As you appeared as a silver ball
By the midnight beach
Echoing the songs of your heart

With the joy of
Your benevolent gaze
A witness to our exultation
My lover and I
Tap danced the entire night

O Moon! 
You were my first lover!

Shining serenely
In your incandescent halo
In the umbrella of the 
Star studded night
You have inspired
 Generation of lovers
Since time immemorial

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

On a Blue moon night
My lover and I
Engaged in raptures
Entwined in passion
Wearing garlands
Of night jasmine
Intoxicated by your cool light
 Exchanged vows
Of Eternity
Clutching hands
Swaying in the night river
Emblazoned with your sweetness

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

As a new bride
I worshiped you
For the longevity of my lover

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

An airless 
Cratered filled heavenly entity
Of the Solar system
But to me
You will always be my lover

O Moon!
You were my first lover!

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Banjara or Romani
Rajasthan or Bohemia
My provenance
Does  not matter
As my heart is a Gypsy

I love 
The Tambourine
 And the Dafli
For my heart is a melody

Wandering to places
In my Caravan
I travel
Far and wide

My colorful skirts
Resonate my love 
For gaiety
My Bangles and folk ornaments
Jingle with me 
Making honeyed music

The heavy anklets 
And my nose pin
My swirling ghaghra
Define me

I settle summarily
Living the life of a nomad
Making my home
In distant lands

The Dafli
And I
Are entwined
My caravan
And I my perpetual home

Wild as the Raging wind
 I bow to none
I do not lack loads of fun
I go along

Once again 
I sit in my caravan
All set to
Travel afar
And if i come back again
I shall 
Dance for you with my tambourine

Friday, December 19, 2014


Once upon a time
In the Kingdom of Frankia
Lived an Elf
With nimble fingers

He lived alone
By himself
Stitching  exquisite

His fame 
And wide

One day
He had
Royal visitor

None other
Than the 
Graced his abode

I have heard of your nimble fingers
I have heard of your glory
Will you make clothes
For my fairy?

Delighted indeed
The Elf was
He bowed his head
In all humility

The next day
Dressed for the occasion
He set forth to the Palace
To meet the Princess

She was a raving beauty
Alluring with curly locks
The Elf slipped instantly
And fell in love

The Elf quietened his heart
 Expressing to the Princess
His distinguished art

The Princess was delirious
She loved his art
She zoomed and
 Danced with jubilation

The Elf gazed at the princess
From a distance
Never failing to
Drape her in impeccable gowns

One day
The Fairy
 Wearing his gowns

The Elf sighed
His precious princess
Was no more dazzled

He decided
To throw away his thimble
But a knock at his door
Made him contemplate

The Princess stood
In his gown
A tear escaped from
Her charming face

I have been unfair
I have been mean
Will you be my mate?
She beamed

The Elf choked
The thimble fell from his fingers
Extending  his hand
He hugged the princess

The elf and the Princess
Were sad no more
For the Elf and the princess
Were now  friends galore


Since the beginning
Of creation
I have existed
In the Universe

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

The seed
Of creation
The seed 
of Power

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

Moving swiftly
Through the 
Of the Universe

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

A mass 
Of dormant energy
I strike boldly
At every strife

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

I exist
To obliterate  oppression
I exist
To nurture life

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

 With fertility
And the joy of

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

I do not 
To slay
 The demons

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

I exist
Every woman's 

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

Since time immemorial
I have
Stood aware and

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

My favorite abode
On Earth
Is the celebrated

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

I have
Been here always
And i
Shall be
 Here always

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

I vow to
Eliminate oppression
I vow 
To change perceptions

I am Shakti
The divine feminine

I  am here 
To enlighten
I am here to

I am Shakti
The divine feminie

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


You, Taliban
Horror of horrors
Your voluminous robes  harbor terror
You merchants of death
How could you?
How could you massacre 132 innocent school children?
Sniff away lives
Of innocent children?
Where is your mindless God?
Where is your Holy scripture?
Pause now,
Stop this dance of death
Or you may waste away
Your precious life
A life you could have used with Karma
To perpetrate love
But you chose death
As your soul is darker
than the  darkest black.

I say you don't deserve  mercy
But i want to show you
The mirror
The mirror of goodness
Which is ready to transform you
Cleanse your  cobbled mind
And spare you the penalty of death.

Don't you know
Hate never overcomes
Only love
So throw away your guns
And come and sit under the sunlight
Reflect and listen
To the teachings of the Universal Almighty
For no God ever preached terror.

We give you a chance 
Even though your hideous
Crimes don't deserve.
Mend your ways
Wash the filth from your soul
And embrace Peace
Because we promise you
We will not stop till we tattoo you with PEACE

The Birthday Gift

On her thirteenth Birthday
the mother
decided to gift her teenage girl
a unique gift

I have dressed you
in satins and ribbons
but today you
are at a unique crossroad

going with that
you deserve 
an exceptional

from hence now
You are no longer
 a child
but a young adult

You are free
to think
free to

let my 
be your 
guiding light

my gift is only a guide
you are free to 
experience life

Be kind
but dont
let people 
use you

be deceived

Love immensely
but dont
get trapped
 in its fold

have the courage
to break free

don't get
unduly disappointed

but remember
it is only the seed
Take action

and when you
are a grown woman
a ripe

a woman
 is like
Mother Earth

she was 
to gift life
and nourish

But don't forget

Just as 
you love your loved ones
don't forget to
love yourself

 your own mistakes
but learn valuable lessons
 from them

Today i hold your hand and
 send you
on an exciting

Be assured of one thing
Your mother will be with you till

The Garden of Eden

There stood in the Milky way
The garden of Eden
Curated by none other than 

The Garden bore everything
Exotic flora
Diverse Fauna
It was a playground for Adam and Eve

For a while
 Things progressed
As God 
Had planned

Enjoying the beauty of the garden
Eve lived happily
And befriended
The flower

The flower and Eve
Played merrily
In the garden
Till the sunset

One day
Walked in Adam
Bringing Eve
Exquisite flowers

Eve had found 
A new friend
And drunk with happiness
She forgot the flower

Adm and Eve
Became bosom pals
Their friendship became
The Life of the Eden

The flower
 Waited patiently
As she stood in the sideline
For her lost friend

The wait was long
But Eve returned
Once again
They played till the sunset

Why did you go away?
Why did you come back?
Will you leave me again?
The flower wanted to know

I went with Adam
Because it was meant to be
I went with him
Because i wanted to see

I came back
because we had got entangled
I came back 
Because it was time to Untangle

Adam and Even 
Shall always be friends
Just as
Eve and the flower have always been friends

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Song of Life

My song of life
Is for you my precious girls
For you are my
Ecstasy and laughter

Together we have
come far
criss crossing life
and its countless challenges

In our journey together
we might have faltered
but we never gave up on life

I may have
fallen short on some occasions
but you could never doubt
the intent of a mother

But that was yesterday
Only a lesson learnt now
we have today
to mark and live as we desire

so i say to you
the world is not changed by your opinion
it is changed by
one's example

so i endeavor
to live a life
of integrity, joy and happiness
so that you
can do the same

My intent is to
show you by example 
the meaning of life

so cherish this life
be gentle with yourself
be kind to yourself
embrace yourself
hug yourself
and never stop singing
The song of Life


Many seasons
he had seen
many lands 
he had visited
many tasks he had accomplished
perfection and grace.

A devoted father
a faithful companion
an able worker
a generous neighbor
a doting grandpa

A loyal friend
he had seen
the tides
of time.

It was
Grace that defined him
Grace that
manifested his persona.

Today his
hair is silver
to the crown

The bones
have seen younger days
a trifle brittle now

But wonder of wonder
the smile rules
the twinkle in the eye

Do you know
 the secret of his
 fountain of 

Tis no mystery
his grace sits princely
cos the Child within
is alive, his constant ccompanion

Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Lord
Today I wish
To sing my song
Of thanksgiving.
I thank you
for a blissful childhood
for having visited distant lands
for great academics
for food and shelter
for the company of loved ones
for the comfort of companionship
for glimpses of ecstasy
for shared laughter
for acquired wisdom
for surviving the storms
for becoming a mother
for the courage to say 'NO'
for goals fulfilled
for promises kept
for a listening year
for clarity of thoughts
for wiping away the cobwebs
for ability to move on
for the joy of discovery
for picture post card holidays
for having a sensitive heart
for comprehending  compassion
for surviving criticism
for ability to dream
for cherished moments
for a sound body and mind
for an eventful life
for faith an hope
for joy and optimism
for places of worship
for bountiful nature
for diverse flora and fauna
for acceptance
But above all
for being alive,
for the promise of today.
As i say my thanksgiving
Bless me with
 Faith in thee
for thereby i shall
Live a blessed life.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


When the world was created
All was quiet
Perpetual peace
Timeless harmony

As man evolved
Began the quest
To conquer
Both land and sea

And so came
Rapid urbanisation
Outraging the 
Far sighted

Where is harmony?
It is in the blooming lotus
White, Pink and Purple
Standing serenely in muddy waters

It is in the cackling 
Of the hen
As she gently
Guides her brood

It is in the
Common sparrow
As she gathers twigs
For her nest

It is in the
Mother kangaroo
As he guards her young
In her pouch

It is in the 
Birds circling the  horizon
From deplorable cages

It is in the 
Laughing dolphins
In synchronization

It is in the 
Dancing peacock
Resplendent in its glory
Celebrating rains

It is in the 
Cooing of the koel
As she
Delights in Summers

It is in the 
peasant farmer
As he 
Gently tills the land

It is in the 
Sound of bangles
As women
Plant paddy

It is in the
Morning riyaaz
As the musician
Sings the raagas

It is in
The Grand piano
As the child prodigy
Plays the symphony

It is in 
As the first rain drops
Fall on earth

It is in
The cool shade
Of a mighty
Banyan tree

It is in the
As children
Say their morning prayers

But endless
Mindless research
Has tainted
Man's thinking

Artificial Intelligence
May I ask?
Let no man put asunder
What God has created

Artificial Intelligence
May help a select few
But unmindful use
Will disrupt harmony and  eliminate the human race for you.

The Empowered Woman

Burnt like Joan of Arc
And countless Satis
My soul has been singed 
For too long

For too long
My joy has been fettered
For too long 
My thoughts have been throttled

Molested, Raped
Mocked, ridiculed
I have gone along too long

My need for recognition
For addressing my equality
Has been in shambles 
For too long

My sisters have proclaimed
Equality and dignity
For every woman
For too long

Today is the day
This very moment i seize
I stand firm
Right in your face

Do not take away 
My right to think
Do not take away 
My right to walk with freedom

For shadows
Of yesterday
Have given way
To beacons of today

I seek no master
I seek no approval
All i desire
Is my voice to be heard

Capable, confident
Aware, ablaze
I want
To charter my own destiny

Equality and Recognition
 Is what i seek
Acceptance and commemoration
I shall find

My struggles
May not be over
My tasks
I shall complete

Doubt not
My determination
Doubt not
My ambition

Like Kalpana and Sunita
I can scale heights
Stand by you
Neck to neck

A just and free world
Is my goal
And i shall march forward
In all my capacity

The movement of Equality
Is here and now
The movement of Self realization
Is the new fashion statement

Empowered I feel
Empowered I am
Together we shall strive
For total Empowerment

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Good Bye

We met as strangers
Applauding each other's aura
Piercing  the soul
And beyond

It was a strange pull
That drew us close
Of a mentor
And a parched mind

There was everything
A  heart could desire
Sweet nothings
And shared bliss

Somehow somewhere
Creeped in reason
Was it too tumultuous
To last many seasons?

I walked
Atop the line of fire
My skin a washed
With the leaping flames

A little voice pleaded
Pray le me go
Set me free
For it was indeed time to say Good bye


I came into your life
As a lucky omen
You prospered
As i grew

You were the perfect father
Read me stories
Gave me values
And lessons to last a lifetime

I grew up
A midst your fragrance
That would reach me 
Till eternity

I left your nest
To experience  the world
A harsh cruel malady
But i took it all

From distant shores
I called out to you
But you could not hear me
The chasm  between us was too wide

I learnt to survive
Your teachings kept me going
But i ached in sadness

For no  man could love me like you
None could understand me like you
I sang your song
And life went by

Seasons changed
Seasons came
You came in my fold

Today i have only one care
Daddy don't go afar
Hold my hand till eternity
Cos ill always be your little girl.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Fairy and the Devil

Once there was a little boy
Shorn of a carefree childhood
And another little girl
Blessed with all things good

The boy grew up sad and grim
The girl grew up happy and dreamy
Their paths were destined to cross
Alas!it was a gross mismatch

The devil approached the fairy
His deviousness hidden to all
The fairy unsure and doubtful
 Gave in to the moment

The devil grew bolder day by day
And the fairy began to loose her faith
And then occurred
A most devious dance

The devil exulted
Day by day
The fairy stood shell shocked
At every disgrace

The Devil and the fairy
Danced in tandem
A dance so scary
 Watched mutely by all

In the process
Everyone forgot the God mother
She appeared from nowhere
With her magical wand

The maniacal dance slowed
The devil got a jolt
The fairy finally breathed easy
As her  world eased

The devil began to cry
He was a little boy again
The fairy cried too
As she regained joy

It was the point of no return
The devil and the fairy parted ways
Slated  as they were
To their individual ways 

The God mother hugged the devil
She made him whole
The fairy flew up in the sky
Once again the God mother.

300th Post : HOPE

The rising sun
Splashing a riot of color
Doling out little packets
Of lazy sunshine
Affirming Hope

The twittering birds
Excited at the 
Prospect of new horizons
Gather for a flight beyond
Encircling Hope

The honey bee
By the color and fragrance
Of a Myriad flowers
Confronts Hope

The little girl
Readying for school
Her home task stacked  neatly
Her lessons memorized by heart
Gallops for a new day of discovery

The working mother
Done with her morning chores
Lays  a well planned day
As she saunters to work
With hopes of higher stakes

The humble vendor
Arranges his goods
Marching to the busy square
Mingling with the crowd
Hoping for a day's earning

The expectant mother
Gently pats her bump
Dreaming a million thoughts
Talks to her unborn
Waiting to hold her in her hands

Goodness prevails
Optimism floats
Grace blushes
As long as there  is Hope
Life thrives

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wordelss Wednesday 22

Wordless Wednesday 21

Wordless Wednesday 20

Wordless Wednesday 19

Wordless Wednesday 18

wordless Wednesday 17

Wordless Wednesday 16

Cheating again !

Cheating you may ask?. Well if you follow all the rules you miss all the fun.

So here i go. indulging in a little cheating.

why so?  Very simple . I am on the verge of reaching my 300th post and cant wait for so many ideas for posts. Hence ill rush through with a few of my favorite quotes.

Not a bad deal, right?

So be prepared and wait for the countdown to the 300th post!

The Race

Finally i stood poised
To run the race
Despite tell tale signs
Of immense blocks

Fueled by hope
Afloat with optimism
I cheered myself on
Peering at the azure blue sky

I gave my best shot
Disregarding humps
On and on i ran
Covering admirable ground

One fine day
I wanted to give up
The race was too long
Dreary i was

Suddenly darkness loomed
 I searched for a pinhole
But sunshine  eluded
Stuck as i was in the race

I  trudged on
Not knowing
That light would soon appear
Inevitably around the bend

Bathed in glorious warmth
I ran more
 I ran fast
I ran with hope

Ever so gently
I was reminded of my crutches
But i ran on

Running became my salvation
As i passed
One milestone after another
I could finally  feel the  rewards

Winning didn't matter anymore
Conditioned as i was to run
Enjoying every leg of the race
I ran to the finishing line

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

35 Ways to welcome 2015

Here is a list of 35 ways you could possibly do to usher in a Happy and fantabulous 2015

1. Pamper yourself. Visit a Spa. Rejuvenate.

2.  Get a coconut herbal oil head champi ,twice a week.

3.  If you love south Indian cuisine, order a South Indian platter from Haldirams.

4.  Drink a glass of vegetable juice every day till the season lasts.

5. Visit a place of worship at last once in a month.

.6.  Let photography unleash your creativity.

7.  Pamper your Mum in  over the top, crazy ways.

8.  Order  a new age album with long forgotten but precious photographs.

9.  Visit Kerala, God's own Country.

10.  Count your blessings.

11  Count your blessings.

12. Count your blessings.

13.  Visit a Christmas Carnival and become a child again.

14.  De clutter your home even if it is not Diwali.

15.  Invest in some good bed linen.

16.  Renovate your kitchen. bring in colorful new age utensils.

17.  Donate to a neighborhood NGO/ Charity.

18. Distribute simple food to the poor for no occassion..

19.  Invite the pandit to perform havan at your home. Let the mantra and havan samagri fill your           home with positive energy.

20.  Drink lots of green tea.

21.  Make 11 a.m. your fruit eating time.

22.  Meet your virtual friend from Facebook.

23.  Spend fun time on the beach.

24.  Move out of your comfort zone and experience adventure sports like zipping.

25.  Maintain a journal.

26.  visit the Surajkund Crafts mela.

27.  Visit your hometown.

28.  Write handwritten letters to your children.

29.  Re discover the charm of Archies cards.

30.  Go on a picnic to Taj Mahal.

31.  Dress up for a theme party.

32.  Become a vegetarian.

33. Gift yourself poetry books.

34.  Go on a vacation with the extended family.

35.  Commission a painting of your family.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


One by One
The cows  were piled in trucks
Preparing for 
Mass slaughter

Bundled out
One by One
On a grassless meadow
For their final journey

There was a hushed doom
Slowly people gathering
to witness
A gory scene

The butchers sharpened their hatchets
Unmindful   of their deadly task
They were about to perform
To the voiceless cows

The spectators turned cold
Their voices frozen
Was it sympathy?
Or was it connivance?

Five thousand cows
Brought to be sacrificed
At the altar
For an unimaginable gain

As the butcher posed
Their murderous hatchet
The heavens trembled
At this dastardly deed

Pray, why did the spectators 
Turn dumb?
Why did their eyes
Turn blind?

Was there not
A single bold soul
A single voice
On behalf of the  voiceless cows?

Condemn! Condemn!
O lord forgive their crime
Let not such a day arise again
:let not our blood freeze again

Let not the cows be slaughtered
Let not tradition become a mockery
Let not superstition cloud our judgement
O Lord, never again may such atrocities unleash

Together we can
Together we will
Together we raise our  voices
To stop the maddening slaughter