Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A new DAWN

Yesterday evening the entire nation and much of the world were glued to the TV screens to witness the Swearing in ceremony of our new Prime Minister Modiji.

It was an immensely dignified function which saw heads of states of SAARC countries expressing their solidarity towards Modji.

I sat in my living room , my eyes constantly on the TV  in a bid to watch each and every member of the cabinet take  their oath, stopping myself from going to the fridge to get a glass of soft drink.

But it was not always so. Politics and I were strange bedfellows for much of my life. The reason was an  incident from my childhood . As a kid growing up in Allahabad i had a brush  with politics which left a mark on me. In the mid 70s there was the Jan Sangh party beside the Congress. The party workers would distribute badges and we would run to get one. But what put me off was a slogan they used:

Jan Sangh to vote do
Beedi peena chod do
Beedi main tambakoo hai
Indira Gandhi daaku hai

Even as a child i was aghast at this outrageous slogan and i decided that politics wasa   dirty game and i would have nothing to do with it, where the opposition did not spare a thought about the kind of language they used to highlight their own party.

My next brush was in Chandigarh. As a student in Punjab University i witnessed the whole commotion of Univ elections. I would have been a mute spectator but for the post election scenario. Girls in open jeeps applauding  and celebrating the victory of their candidates  in a near drunken state. To me this sight was very unwomanly and once again i shut doors on Politics.

Once i got married with maturity came awareness and i would keep stock of top news , never going deep into any happening. But some incidents left a mark nevertheless. The assassination of both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, the Mandal commission outrage, the siege of the Golden temple in Amritsar, the Sikh riots in Delhi, the Kargil War and other incidents.

But a real awakening of my duty as a citizen of my nation happened only a few years back. We the people would complain about bad governance but would not exercise our right to vote and thus had no business to blame the ruling party.  But more than this it was an article i read on Political  Illiteracy which finally woke me up from  my political  slumber.

The article, without mincing word said that of all kinds of illiteracy the greatest illiterates were  the political illiterate. Because it was this kind of illiteracy which stopped growth and development. It was politics that would decide the cost of onions and flour. Politics that would make it possible to wipe the tears of an orphan. Politics that would ensure a roof for the homeless, Politics that would provide three square meals to the poor.. Politics that could empower women.  And finally i woke up and realized that it was my duty to be an alert citizen and politics was to be embedded  in our daily life.

Hence i watched the pre election scenario with a lot of interest. The number of scams in the last decade had made everybody turn away from the Congress. The results of 2014 elections gave their thumbs down, The AAP many believed would bring in a change but perhaps we expected too much from a one year old party. Instead India gave their mandate to BJP , bringing in the  Modi wave.

And the results are here. Shri Narendra   Modiji has been elected as the 15th Prime Minister of India The entire  country and beyond witnessed the swearing in ceremony last evening at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Today we have social media as a very far reaching tool for almost every sphere of life, Politics included. Within minutes of the swearing in ceremony of Modiji, his website was updated and his message posted. Below is  Modiji's letter to the nation and rest of the world.

My dear fellow Indians and citizens of the world,


A very warm welcome to the official website of the Prime Minister of India.
On 16th May 2014 the people of India gave their verdict. They delivered a mandate for development, good governance and stability. As we devote ourselves to take India’s development journey to newer heights, we seek your support, blessings and active participation. Together we will script a glorious future for India. Let us together dream of a strong, developed and inclusive India that actively engages with the global community to strengthen the cause of world peace and development.
I envision this website as a very important medium of direct communication between us. I am a firm believer in the power of technology and social media to communicate with people across the world. I hope this platform creates opportunities to listen, learn and share one’s views.
Through this website you will also get all the latest information about my speeches, schedules, foreign visits and lot more. I will also keep informing you about innovative initiatives undertaken by the Government of India.
Narendra Modi

We, the people of India have  a lot of expectations from you and your governance. We are waiting for  acche din. We are waiting for CHANGE. We are waiting for prosperity, growth, development and  an end to corruption.

We are hoping you will be the harbinger of CHANGE. The nation has put their trust and faith in you. Let a new India emerge from today.