Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Grandpa

I believe it is a good habit to dream. It doesn't matter how majestic or humble your dreams are. As long as you believe in your dreams , many will come true. It is a proven fact. And as per the book "The Secret', the law of attraction is a reality. I too have my share of dreams. At my age, most of them are realistic but even so, at times it is good to get drunk on the possibilities life may send your way.

This post is about one of my dreams coming true.

Two years back i visited the town of Phagwara in Punjab with my family. Why Phagwara? Well, my holiday in Phagwara took the shape of three Blog posts. I'll  let them  talk. You can read  them at :

So by now you know that i have a soft spot for Phagwara, for several reasons mentioned in the three posts.

The house my maternal parents lived in has long been sold . But my memories remain. In my Nani's house there was a picture of my maternal grand father, My Nana. My last visit as a kid was while i was about thirteen years old. But memories fade and all i recollect is that Nana's photo hung in the main big room. But i could not recollect anything about his face. My mind was a blank.

My Nana died in  1956, a year before my Mum got married. So i never met him . But i had time and again wondered about him. I had pictures of my paternal grand parents. my maternal grand  mother but i was totally clueless about my Nana. 

My knowledge about him was limited to what Mum had told me. He served as the Station Master in Railways in Phagwara. And that is all.

So when i visited Phagwara two years back i was thrilled to be able to trace many things. The house where  i was born, the neighbourhood , the temples nearby, the main buildings  and happily visiting my cousin sister who has lived all her life in Phagwara.

I returned from the trip with happy memories but at the back of my mind was the question mark about the identity and face of my Nana.

Since he left for his heavenly abode in 1956, there were only a handful of photos of him.  Sadly Mum did not have a photo of him. When i pestered her as to who might possibly possess one, she had suggested  i ask her brother, my Mamaji. This thought stayed in my subconscious mind for over two years.

And then it was time for my elder daughter to get married. So my three sisters came down to Faridabad  to attend the marriage. My eldest sister and my Mum planned to visit my Mamji in Ambala and invited me to join them for the one day trip.

I happily agreed as i love travel and it is always a god practice to stay in touch with relatives.

So we set off for Ambala. On reaching my Mamji's place my Mum and her brother were very a happy to see each other. and i realized that it was the first Navratra. As i settled in the room where my ailing Mamaji lay on the bed, i noticed the temple . There was a lighted diya even though it was past lunch time.

' Today i lit the diya late" my Mamiji explained.

And the next instant  Mum exclaimed:

'Look, a picture of my Bauji!"

I quickly glanced in the direction of her finger and sure enough there were two photographs with garlands on the wooden pelmet. The photos were of my Nana and my Nani.. Suddenly the room was filled with joy . A chair was brought and in the next instant both photographs were retrieved from the pelmet. There was dust settled  on the frames . The photos were cleaned as were the garlands  and then on, began the photo session.

I was absolutely thrilled to have discovered my Nana's photo as now i could see the face for myself. I had forgotten that Mum had suggested to me that i ask her brother about Nanaji's photo. But life gave me a bonus. And i took a long hard look at him.

And this is the pic of my Nanaji at a young age.

Dear Nanaji i am absolutely thrilled to have found you. We never ever met but seeing your photograph is a big thrill. The photo albeit faded due to time says a lot about you.

The gentle smile, the handsome positive face, the buttoned coat and above all the flower on your jacket tells me that you were a very spirited person brimming with life.

During my trip to  Phagwara i had especially gone to the Railway Station where you had served for several years.

I am happy that the missing link of my grand parent is now complete. Your picture shall soon grace my bedroom so that i can continue to have your blessings. And my daughters too are happy to know their maternal great grand father.

You shall continue to live in your grand children and your progeny. I am one proud woman today.

Like i said, sometimes life gives you a bonus. So never stop dreaming.


  1. What a joyous and sweet post, Aabha! I am so happy for you that you got reunited with your grandfather. This is Mata's blessings for sure :)

    1. Thank you Mani! Yes indeed it was Mata's blessings that i got acquainted with my Nana :)

  2. He must be very happy seeing you happy with and about him.