Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Nine months in the womb
You lodged a bond
I nourished you
And you kept me warm

Your birth was a celebration
A gift from God
Your toothless smile
Tugged at my heart

It was a joy to see you grow
Watching you crawl
Guiding your walk
Together we learnt it all

The excitement of your first birthday
The elaborate menu
The choicest cake
The room boasting of joy

I taught you the alphabets
Dressed you in fancy dresses
Recited you nursery rhymes
And guided your homework

And before i knew
You had graduated to college
Formed your own opinions
And chalked your destiny

Yet the beautiful bond remains
Even though you have left old shores
And every once in a while
Our roles are reversed

You have made me rich
You have made me proud
You are  the greatest gift
My sweetest doll.

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