Thursday, November 27, 2014


As long as i can remember
Happiness has been a goal
A desire for perfect moments
And a perfect life

Where will i find happiness?
In the innocent gaze of an infant?
In the rising sun at dawn?
In the swirling waves of the ocean?

How carefree you are Happiness
Here now and gone tomorrow
I wait patiently 
For your arrival again

I seek you Happiness
 To quench my thirst on a hot  summer day
In the nutty delights on a warm wintry day
In the crimson folds of the autumn leaves

I seek you Happiness
In the reunion of the family
In the score card of my kid
In the ultimate dream job

I seek you again
In the fragrance of a deep red rose
In the precious droplets of the  morning dew
In the bright yellow  Sunflower

I seek your permanence Happiness
And finally comprehend
Happiness is in the mind, body and soul
For Happiness lies within.


  1. You nailed it...
    Happiness indeed lies within...
    A nice poem!