Sunday, November 30, 2014


One by One
The cows  were piled in trucks
Preparing for 
Mass slaughter

Bundled out
One by One
On a grassless meadow
For their final journey

There was a hushed doom
Slowly people gathering
to witness
A gory scene

The butchers sharpened their hatchets
Unmindful   of their deadly task
They were about to perform
To the voiceless cows

The spectators turned cold
Their voices frozen
Was it sympathy?
Or was it connivance?

Five thousand cows
Brought to be sacrificed
At the altar
For an unimaginable gain

As the butcher posed
Their murderous hatchet
The heavens trembled
At this dastardly deed

Pray, why did the spectators 
Turn dumb?
Why did their eyes
Turn blind?

Was there not
A single bold soul
A single voice
On behalf of the  voiceless cows?

Condemn! Condemn!
O lord forgive their crime
Let not such a day arise again
:let not our blood freeze again

Let not the cows be slaughtered
Let not tradition become a mockery
Let not superstition cloud our judgement
O Lord, never again may such atrocities unleash

Together we can
Together we will
Together we raise our  voices
To stop the maddening slaughter

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