Wednesday, November 26, 2014


O Mighty Ocean
I wondered about you
When as a young lass
I held sea shells in my hand

How pretty they looked
A gift from you
I played some more
Hoping to see you

And one fine day
I almost gasped
When in a flash
I saw you without warning

The never ceasing rythm
Of perpetual waves
Kissing the beach
Leaving a bevy of snails

I threw aside my slippers
And ran amok on the wet sands
You continued
To sing your song

How many worlds do you hide
In your gigantic bosom?
How many creatures
Call you home?

From the largest whales
To the terrifying Sharks
The graceful dolphins
To the tiniest plankton

I have often wondered
How old are you?
As long as man
Or more than he?

I have watched the sun set
On your brilliant horizon
Your waters turning 
An Autumn gold

You continue to thrive
Timeless joy of nature
And i continue to dance
At your golden feet