Friday, December 12, 2014

300th Post : HOPE

The rising sun
Splashing a riot of color
Doling out little packets
Of lazy sunshine
Affirming Hope

The twittering birds
Excited at the 
Prospect of new horizons
Gather for a flight beyond
Encircling Hope

The honey bee
By the color and fragrance
Of a Myriad flowers
Confronts Hope

The little girl
Readying for school
Her home task stacked  neatly
Her lessons memorized by heart
Gallops for a new day of discovery

The working mother
Done with her morning chores
Lays  a well planned day
As she saunters to work
With hopes of higher stakes

The humble vendor
Arranges his goods
Marching to the busy square
Mingling with the crowd
Hoping for a day's earning

The expectant mother
Gently pats her bump
Dreaming a million thoughts
Talks to her unborn
Waiting to hold her in her hands

Goodness prevails
Optimism floats
Grace blushes
As long as there  is Hope
Life thrives