Wednesday, December 10, 2014

35 Ways to welcome 2015

Here is a list of 35 ways you could possibly do to usher in a Happy and fantabulous 2015

1. Pamper yourself. Visit a Spa. Rejuvenate.

2.  Get a coconut herbal oil head champi ,twice a week.

3.  If you love south Indian cuisine, order a South Indian platter from Haldirams.

4.  Drink a glass of vegetable juice every day till the season lasts.

5. Visit a place of worship at last once in a month.

.6.  Let photography unleash your creativity.

7.  Pamper your Mum in  over the top, crazy ways.

8.  Order  a new age album with long forgotten but precious photographs.

9.  Visit Kerala, God's own Country.

10.  Count your blessings.

11  Count your blessings.

12. Count your blessings.

13.  Visit a Christmas Carnival and become a child again.

14.  De clutter your home even if it is not Diwali.

15.  Invest in some good bed linen.

16.  Renovate your kitchen. bring in colorful new age utensils.

17.  Donate to a neighborhood NGO/ Charity.

18. Distribute simple food to the poor for no occassion..

19.  Invite the pandit to perform havan at your home. Let the mantra and havan samagri fill your           home with positive energy.

20.  Drink lots of green tea.

21.  Make 11 a.m. your fruit eating time.

22.  Meet your virtual friend from Facebook.

23.  Spend fun time on the beach.

24.  Move out of your comfort zone and experience adventure sports like zipping.

25.  Maintain a journal.

26.  visit the Surajkund Crafts mela.

27.  Visit your hometown.

28.  Write handwritten letters to your children.

29.  Re discover the charm of Archies cards.

30.  Go on a picnic to Taj Mahal.

31.  Dress up for a theme party.

32.  Become a vegetarian.

33. Gift yourself poetry books.

34.  Go on a vacation with the extended family.

35.  Commission a painting of your family.


  1. And if you are retired......Dit back with your spouse and think how beautiful was 2014