Saturday, December 13, 2014


I came into your life
As a lucky omen
You prospered
As i grew

You were the perfect father
Read me stories
Gave me values
And lessons to last a lifetime

I grew up
A midst your fragrance
That would reach me 
Till eternity

I left your nest
To experience  the world
A harsh cruel malady
But i took it all

From distant shores
I called out to you
But you could not hear me
The chasm  between us was too wide

I learnt to survive
Your teachings kept me going
But i ached in sadness

For no  man could love me like you
None could understand me like you
I sang your song
And life went by

Seasons changed
Seasons came
You came in my fold

Today i have only one care
Daddy don't go afar
Hold my hand till eternity
Cos ill always be your little girl.

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  1. So,well expressed.
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