Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Lord
Today I wish
To sing my song
Of thanksgiving.
I thank you
for a blissful childhood
for having visited distant lands
for great academics
for food and shelter
for the company of loved ones
for the comfort of companionship
for glimpses of ecstasy
for shared laughter
for acquired wisdom
for surviving the storms
for becoming a mother
for the courage to say 'NO'
for goals fulfilled
for promises kept
for a listening year
for clarity of thoughts
for wiping away the cobwebs
for ability to move on
for the joy of discovery
for picture post card holidays
for having a sensitive heart
for comprehending  compassion
for surviving criticism
for ability to dream
for cherished moments
for a sound body and mind
for an eventful life
for faith an hope
for joy and optimism
for places of worship
for bountiful nature
for diverse flora and fauna
for acceptance
But above all
for being alive,
for the promise of today.
As i say my thanksgiving
Bless me with
 Faith in thee
for thereby i shall
Live a blessed life.


  1. Nice many things that we owe our hearty thanks to!

    1. Thank u specs buffy ( an odd name :) )

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