Saturday, December 20, 2014


Banjara or Romani
Rajasthan or Bohemia
My provenance
Does  not matter
As my heart is a Gypsy

I love 
The Tambourine
 And the Dafli
For my heart is a melody

Wandering to places
In my Caravan
I travel
Far and wide

My colorful skirts
Resonate my love 
For gaiety
My Bangles and folk ornaments
Jingle with me 
Making honeyed music

The heavy anklets 
And my nose pin
My swirling ghaghra
Define me

I settle summarily
Living the life of a nomad
Making my home
In distant lands

The Dafli
And I
Are entwined
My caravan
And I my perpetual home

Wild as the Raging wind
 I bow to none
I do not lack loads of fun
I go along

Once again 
I sit in my caravan
All set to
Travel afar
And if i come back again
I shall 
Dance for you with my tambourine

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