Sunday, December 14, 2014


When the world was created
All was quiet
Perpetual peace
Timeless harmony

As man evolved
Began the quest
To conquer
Both land and sea

And so came
Rapid urbanisation
Outraging the 
Far sighted

Where is harmony?
It is in the blooming lotus
White, Pink and Purple
Standing serenely in muddy waters

It is in the cackling 
Of the hen
As she gently
Guides her brood

It is in the
Common sparrow
As she gathers twigs
For her nest

It is in the
Mother kangaroo
As he guards her young
In her pouch

It is in the 
Birds circling the  horizon
From deplorable cages

It is in the 
Laughing dolphins
In synchronization

It is in the 
Dancing peacock
Resplendent in its glory
Celebrating rains

It is in the 
Cooing of the koel
As she
Delights in Summers

It is in the 
peasant farmer
As he 
Gently tills the land

It is in the 
Sound of bangles
As women
Plant paddy

It is in the
Morning riyaaz
As the musician
Sings the raagas

It is in
The Grand piano
As the child prodigy
Plays the symphony

It is in 
As the first rain drops
Fall on earth

It is in
The cool shade
Of a mighty
Banyan tree

It is in the
As children
Say their morning prayers

But endless
Mindless research
Has tainted
Man's thinking

Artificial Intelligence
May I ask?
Let no man put asunder
What God has created

Artificial Intelligence
May help a select few
But unmindful use
Will disrupt harmony and  eliminate the human race for you.


  1. Just mesmerising...............
    words are very thought provoking and well knitted.