Friday, December 19, 2014


Once upon a time
In the Kingdom of Frankia
Lived an Elf
With nimble fingers

He lived alone
By himself
Stitching  exquisite

His fame 
And wide

One day
He had
Royal visitor

None other
Than the 
Graced his abode

I have heard of your nimble fingers
I have heard of your glory
Will you make clothes
For my fairy?

Delighted indeed
The Elf was
He bowed his head
In all humility

The next day
Dressed for the occasion
He set forth to the Palace
To meet the Princess

She was a raving beauty
Alluring with curly locks
The Elf slipped instantly
And fell in love

The Elf quietened his heart
 Expressing to the Princess
His distinguished art

The Princess was delirious
She loved his art
She zoomed and
 Danced with jubilation

The Elf gazed at the princess
From a distance
Never failing to
Drape her in impeccable gowns

One day
The Fairy
 Wearing his gowns

The Elf sighed
His precious princess
Was no more dazzled

He decided
To throw away his thimble
But a knock at his door
Made him contemplate

The Princess stood
In his gown
A tear escaped from
Her charming face

I have been unfair
I have been mean
Will you be my mate?
She beamed

The Elf choked
The thimble fell from his fingers
Extending  his hand
He hugged the princess

The elf and the Princess
Were sad no more
For the Elf and the princess
Were now  friends galore

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