Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Empowered Woman

Burnt like Joan of Arc
And countless Satis
My soul has been singed 
For too long

For too long
My joy has been fettered
For too long 
My thoughts have been throttled

Molested, Raped
Mocked, ridiculed
I have gone along too long

My need for recognition
For addressing my equality
Has been in shambles 
For too long

My sisters have proclaimed
Equality and dignity
For every woman
For too long

Today is the day
This very moment i seize
I stand firm
Right in your face

Do not take away 
My right to think
Do not take away 
My right to walk with freedom

For shadows
Of yesterday
Have given way
To beacons of today

I seek no master
I seek no approval
All i desire
Is my voice to be heard

Capable, confident
Aware, ablaze
I want
To charter my own destiny

Equality and Recognition
 Is what i seek
Acceptance and commemoration
I shall find

My struggles
May not be over
My tasks
I shall complete

Doubt not
My determination
Doubt not
My ambition

Like Kalpana and Sunita
I can scale heights
Stand by you
Neck to neck

A just and free world
Is my goal
And i shall march forward
In all my capacity

The movement of Equality
Is here and now
The movement of Self realization
Is the new fashion statement

Empowered I feel
Empowered I am
Together we shall strive
For total Empowerment

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