Friday, December 12, 2014

The Fairy and the Devil

Once there was a little boy
Shorn of a carefree childhood
And another little girl
Blessed with all things good

The boy grew up sad and grim
The girl grew up happy and dreamy
Their paths were destined to cross
Alas!it was a gross mismatch

The devil approached the fairy
His deviousness hidden to all
The fairy unsure and doubtful
 Gave in to the moment

The devil grew bolder day by day
And the fairy began to loose her faith
And then occurred
A most devious dance

The devil exulted
Day by day
The fairy stood shell shocked
At every disgrace

The Devil and the fairy
Danced in tandem
A dance so scary
 Watched mutely by all

In the process
Everyone forgot the God mother
She appeared from nowhere
With her magical wand

The maniacal dance slowed
The devil got a jolt
The fairy finally breathed easy
As her  world eased

The devil began to cry
He was a little boy again
The fairy cried too
As she regained joy

It was the point of no return
The devil and the fairy parted ways
Slated  as they were
To their individual ways 

The God mother hugged the devil
She made him whole
The fairy flew up in the sky
Once again the God mother.

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