Wednesday, December 17, 2014


You, Taliban
Horror of horrors
Your voluminous robes  harbor terror
You merchants of death
How could you?
How could you massacre 132 innocent school children?
Sniff away lives
Of innocent children?
Where is your mindless God?
Where is your Holy scripture?
Pause now,
Stop this dance of death
Or you may waste away
Your precious life
A life you could have used with Karma
To perpetrate love
But you chose death
As your soul is darker
than the  darkest black.

I say you don't deserve  mercy
But i want to show you
The mirror
The mirror of goodness
Which is ready to transform you
Cleanse your  cobbled mind
And spare you the penalty of death.

Don't you know
Hate never overcomes
Only love
So throw away your guns
And come and sit under the sunlight
Reflect and listen
To the teachings of the Universal Almighty
For no God ever preached terror.

We give you a chance 
Even though your hideous
Crimes don't deserve.
Mend your ways
Wash the filth from your soul
And embrace Peace
Because we promise you
We will not stop till we tattoo you with PEACE


  1. Really a ghasty act. Building lifes is heroic , killing and spoiling somebody/life is not wanted by God.

    1. Yes Madhu very ghastly. We should endeavor to build lives . As love will conquer all

  2. very touchy take on terror and humanity. superb.