Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Race

Finally i stood poised
To run the race
Despite tell tale signs
Of immense blocks

Fueled by hope
Afloat with optimism
I cheered myself on
Peering at the azure blue sky

I gave my best shot
Disregarding humps
On and on i ran
Covering admirable ground

One fine day
I wanted to give up
The race was too long
Dreary i was

Suddenly darkness loomed
 I searched for a pinhole
But sunshine  eluded
Stuck as i was in the race

I  trudged on
Not knowing
That light would soon appear
Inevitably around the bend

Bathed in glorious warmth
I ran more
 I ran fast
I ran with hope

Ever so gently
I was reminded of my crutches
But i ran on

Running became my salvation
As i passed
One milestone after another
I could finally  feel the  rewards

Winning didn't matter anymore
Conditioned as i was to run
Enjoying every leg of the race
I ran to the finishing line

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