Friday, February 21, 2014


Just yesterday there was a Havan followed by a satsang at my home,  and today i came across this lovely article by M N Kundu. Sharing here:

A pious person was very much perturbed by a series of sufferings in his life. He had never done anything wrong or sinful knowingly.  why should he then suffer? He went to his guru, a realised master.

The guru smiled at him and said, "It is a fact that you are leading a very virtuous life.  But in previous incarnation you had been a greedy zamindar an deprived many people of their dues.  t long last you realized your mistake but it was too late.  In this incarnation you are  destined to repay your karmic debts through suffering."

Yhe devotee asked, " Is intense suffering the only way to exhaust bad karrma? If God is loving and kind why does he inflict so much suffering on us?".  The guru replied, " The almighty is indeed very kind and loving.  He does not punish us.  But our own karma attract apparently  adverse situations for us to enable is to take the requisite lessons to love Him alone above everything else.

However  we can  transcend suffering if we take requisite lessons on our own irrespective of suffering". " The devotee became curious, "How is that possible?". The guru replied , " We can exhaust Karmic debts in three ways - by suffering , through service to mankind and prayerful meditation to God. Suffering exhausts our bad karma an brings us closer to God with deep sense of surrender.  Thee second way to exhaust bad karma is to render selfless service to humanity".

The guru continued," But the best way to exhaust karma is to immerse in God in deep MEDITATION When we deeply pray and immerse in the Divine, we become entirety oblivious of our petty personal loss or gain.  The bondage of Karma being irrelevant gets utterly dissolved.

But it is difficult to cultivate intense meditation unless we exhaust a bulk of Karma through suffering an service and thereby enable us for intense meditation on God".