Saturday, March 8, 2014

HAPPINESS on Women's Day

Old is Gold.  So goes the popular saying.

And it is rightly so.

I have been living in Faridabad for more than two decades. and for almost that time i have been part of a Kitty party group.It is a friendly lot of neighborhood friends who used to meet every first  Tuesday of the month,  from 4 pm to 6 pm. Until recently the day got shifted to First Wednesday. The reason being one of the members had started fasting on Tuesdays.

It was the last kitty of the cycle. and it was at my home. As per rules it should have been on 4th of March. But since i had traveled to Bangalore i shifted it to Saturday. it was much later that i realized that the scheduled day was 8th march, Women's day.

I decided to keep a small surprise. After two rounds of Tambola , just before the snacks started i brought in a candle lit cake. The one  in the picture.

We had already greeted each other Happy Women's day on arrival and the surprise coke added to that special feeling. Immediately the living room reverberated with happy claps.

It was decided that the oldest lady would cut the cake. When there was a  doubt  as per the seniority, two ladies  together held the knife and cut the cake.

There was a feeling of sisterhood, celebration and sheer joy that for the first time the kitty friends were celebrating  WOMEN"s Day.

The usual; one or two jokes stretched on to an odd eight and more.

suddenly everyone was up beat. It was decided  that apart form the monthly get together we would have outings in restaurant. As many women in the group drive it would be no problem  to reach the decided location.

More suggestions were invited and it was decided that we would hire a bus and go on a one day tour. Incidentally this was my suggestion and it was met with sheer excitement.

I am so glad i was in Bangalore on the 4th. Thanks to my trip women's day got celebrated in my home.

Thanks to my hubby who got me all the grocery  AND the cake while i  was arranging for the kitty party.

It was one rocking Kitty party with new resolutions and  it was decided to raise the kitty money too.

None of my kitty friends Blog, but we are  a close knit group off women who have seen out kids grow up together.

Old id indeed GOLD. A lovely WOMEN"S day 2014 it is!

Bannerghatta National Park

During my recent visit to Bangalore with my daughter we visited the Bannerghaa Biological park.

Bannerghatta Biological Park was created from a portion of the Bannerghatta National Park in 2002. It is situated 22km south of BangaloreKarnataka, India. The journey to the park from Bangalore takes about one and a half hours. This place is home to one of the richest natural zoological reserves. The 25,000 acre (104 zoological park makes this a major tourist attraction in Bangalore.

 The safaris are managed by the KSTDC, which also aids in funding the reserve. The park’s tiger reserve has been recognized by the Forest Department of India.

We set forth in the Grilled buses. We had no clue we would have such close encounters with lion, tigers and white tigers.

Ill let the photograhs do the talking :)

When this Jungle King sauntered  up close and personal near th Bus in front of our Bus, excitement knew no bounds :)

The park also houses a Zoo an a Butterfly park. We had taken a city tour by KSTDC and the Butterfly park was not in our itinerary. It is an absolute must in my next trip to Bangalore.

And Yes, all the pics are from our trip.Not a single one is from the internet :)