Saturday, March 15, 2014

How FAR would i go?

How far would I  go to get close to someone I  love?

Far indeed.  Very far indeed. 3702 miles to be precise.

Why would i go 3702 miles for someone I love? Because i believe Travel is the ultimate way to renew. To make memories that last a lifetime. .

Paulo Coelho says:

"When you travel, you experience , in a very practical way, the act of  REBIRTH ."

Travelling to a new place automatically gets my antennas up and working. You soak in every sight, smell and sound. It overwhelms you to the point where for the duration of your travel,  you experience moments that you had never imagined could possibly exist..

I recently  reached a milestone birthday. To celebrate  this milestone, i traveled the very next day for a four day trip to a metro i had visited decades back.This was the best gift i could have given to myself. The best celebration.  The best way to bond  as together we explored the chosen state.

Henry Drummond said:

"You will find as you look back upon life, that the moments when you have truly lived - are the moments in which you have done things in the spirit  of Love".

To get closer , I would travel 3702 miles

 to experience JAPAN.

A week away from the drudgery of daily routine. No worrying whether the newspaper was delivered. Whether the milkman came on time. Whether the garbage was collected. Whether the maid came on time and the house was cleaned . Whether the refrigerator was stacked with fruits and vegetables. Whether there was enough grocery for all meals.

A week away with the freedom to experience moments. To make  moments happen with your loved one.
For we do not remember days, we remember  moments.

The best portion of your life are the small nameless moments you spent smiling  with someone who matters  to you.

So, to get closer I would travel 3702 miles to make moments for US. Because it is a  myth that perfect moments arrive. They don't.  Moments are not perfect. They are what you make them.

So seven days of travel to Japan. The land of the rising Sun.To wake up to together in the morning knowing that you are ahead of the rest of the world.

Travel fascinates me. And just as  i have dreams of exploring Europe, i have an abiding desire to discover jewel of the East - Japan.  The land of the Rising Sun is a deeply cherished travel dream. Japan fascinates me , perhaps like no other country does apart from my own motherland.

So i would love to soak in the Japanese culture, along with my  hubby. Together we would explore a new country, a new culture, a new perspective of life. Engage and make memories of togetherness by sharing littl joys of unexpected fun. Little traits of a different culture. Experience a week of smiling at life from a perspective so different from our own.

The thrill of discovery the island country of 6852 islands, to visit TOKYO,

 the largest metropolitan area in the world.

And what do i aspire to see and create moments for us?

Japan has so much to offer for a first time tourist.

Visit the ancient city of KYOTO, the Zen Buddhist temple,

 shrines and gardens.

 Soak in the mineral rich hot springs.

Experience Traditional Accommodation - the gentle scent of Tatami ( a rice straw mat), the elegant understated interiors, the personal service, the multi course meal

of  local seasonal produce and above all the calm silence.

Visit Naoshima, the Art Island.

Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial park and Museum.

Sample Japanese cuisine of Sushi,

 Tempuras ( seafood and vegetables made in batter and deep fried) and Kaiseki - the multi course Japanese dinner.

Spend a day exploring Tokyo. From visiting the famous Shinto shrine to a stroll in the gardens of Imperial Palace. A Tokyo bay cruise.

Witness a traditional

 Tea Ceremony.

 Visit TOKYO's  oldest Buddhist temple.

Take a cruise on Sumida  river to view the famous Japanese Cherry blossoms

in spring.

Watch a traditional

Geisha dance.

Attend a Sumo tournament.

Take a walk across the famous  and busy Shibuya station.

Ride the Bullet train.

Eat at a conveyor belt Sushi restaurant.

Loose oneself in the Technology Square Akihabara.

Visit Mount Fuji.

These moments would undoubtedly make once- in - a lifetime memory for us. A week of imbibing the subtle culture of Japan, a mix of high tech and traditional customs.

This is how far I  would go to get closer to my loved one. 3702 miles.

I hope it happens once in my life time.


British Airways recognizing India  as its second largest customer after america launched the vido of Summet and Chetna on Valentin'e s Day and offered huge discounts for couples booking a flight in a time frame.

This contest is inspired by BA's video of Sumeet  and Chetna who 'TRAVEL further to GET CLOSER'


[This Post is for the Contest . by British Airways India. ]