Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I have got Mail

Hello Zeenat! I received your loving gift today as part of the Kindness Chain campaign started by Indiblogeshwari.

It was a sheer pleasure and honor to receive this gift. Thank you for choosing me as your kindness beneficiary. The carefully selected gifst are truly touching.

It is indeed very kind of your to call me the' Shiny girl. 'Thanks again for appreciating my Smile and Innocence. I just turned 50 and i hope i can keep part of my heart for innocence,  for ever. Maybe till i turn!

For a long time i have known you virtually. Your unique bent towards spirituality finds an echo in me. I too turned  spiritual a few years back due to some life changing incidents.

It has been a pleasure knowing you and reading your Facebook updates. But NOW  with this gift and the beautifully decorated hand written letter you have brought us so much closer.

The earrings and the hair clip i shall suerly use. The orange colored shiny nail paint will be used in my next pedicure. It is sweet of you to enquire about my favorite color and send me the same. The adorable Golden Shiny bag will carry all my favorite cosmetics in my travels.

I hope i can meet you in person next time i travel to Mumbai.

Gifts are always  happy occasions but this one is special as it comes with the gift of Friendship.

Thank you once again! Stay Blessed. :)