Wednesday, November 26, 2014


O Mighty Ocean
I wondered about you
When as a young lass
I held sea shells in my hand

How pretty they looked
A gift from you
I played some more
Hoping to see you

And one fine day
I almost gasped
When in a flash
I saw you without warning

The never ceasing rythm
Of perpetual waves
Kissing the beach
Leaving a bevy of snails

I threw aside my slippers
And ran amok on the wet sands
You continued
To sing your song

How many worlds do you hide
In your gigantic bosom?
How many creatures
Call you home?

From the largest whales
To the terrifying Sharks
The graceful dolphins
To the tiniest plankton

I have often wondered
How old are you?
As long as man
Or more than he?

I have watched the sun set
On your brilliant horizon
Your waters turning 
An Autumn gold

You continue to thrive
Timeless joy of nature
And i continue to dance
At your golden feet


As the night approaches
I prepare for slumber
Say a silent prayer
For a dream so dear

I toss and turn
Half awake
But like a defiant child
You dodge me

Should i forsake 
My precious dream?
Nay! never!
I hug my dream

I chase you each night
But you elude me so
Yet i know
You'll comeback as a lost love

I dream of goals
And precious victories
Working my way
Through countless forays

And finally
One day
I sigh no more
For my dreams have come true


Nine months in the womb
You lodged a bond
I nourished you
And you kept me warm

Your birth was a celebration
A gift from God
Your toothless smile
Tugged at my heart

It was a joy to see you grow
Watching you crawl
Guiding your walk
Together we learnt it all

The excitement of your first birthday
The elaborate menu
The choicest cake
The room boasting of joy

I taught you the alphabets
Dressed you in fancy dresses
Recited you nursery rhymes
And guided your homework

And before i knew
You had graduated to college
Formed your own opinions
And chalked your destiny

Yet the beautiful bond remains
Even though you have left old shores
And every once in a while
Our roles are reversed

You have made me rich
You have made me proud
You are  the greatest gift
My sweetest doll.


The dormant seed
Buried underneath
Revels in darkness
To emerge a sapling
Does it complain of change?
No! it embraces change!

The tender bud
snug and tight
Holding a dozen promises
blossoms into a flower
Does it complain of change?
No! it embraces change!

The setting sun
A brilliant orange ball
Gives way to the night
And the twinkling stars.
Does it complain of change?
No! it embraces change!

The soft catepillar
The encased pupa
Arises from  the cocoon
To a brilliant butterfly
Does it complain of change?
No! it embraces change!

The new moon
A solemn dark sphere
Patiently grows
To a full moon
Does it complain of chamge?
No! it embraces change!

Why pray do u shun change?
Change is the essence of life
Change is the soul of life
Change  is the law of life
Stop complaining
And become the change