Friday, November 28, 2014

The Storm

The tranquility began to shake
The shadows began to loom
She tried to wipe it away
But the signs refused to go

A storm was brewing
Slowly but surely
Gaining momentum
And there was no escaping

Darkness descended squarely
Bewildered she tried to gather her wits
But the storm had arrived 
In its full ferocity

She felt herself being swept  away
As the storm lunged on
Her boat rocked violently
Her word was torn apart

She  prayed silently
Holding on to Hope
This could not be the end
She reminded her soul

Sunshine was around the corner
Miraculously the darkness ceased
Bit by bit she storm subsided
Confirming Hope

She had borne the fury
She had been lashed so
Like a phoenix she rose
Glorified she shone