Saturday, November 29, 2014


The alarm clocks ushers the morning
Marking the rise from slumber
A million tasks to be done
With the arrival of dawn

The gracious sunrise
A blushing pink
the dew drops on the grass
A soft carpet

The twitter of excited birds
The fading moon
The visit to the temple
A spiritual boon

Picking thee Har shinghar
Lighting the diya
The chime of the temple bells
The blowing of the conch

The morning raaga
Riyaaz of the singer
The bowing to Goddes Saraswati
For a blessed performance

A hurried rush
In the wholesale market
Fresh marigolds for the temple
Tender roses for the lovers

The morning walk with the dog
The joggers in the park
The people in the Gym
Rooted  for a healthy life

The rush for the tiffin
Getting ready for school
Memorizing the notes
For  the perfect score

The elders in the park
The huddling together on benches
Exchanging notes of yesterday
Preparing together for today

The morning brings new promises
Unchartered horizons
Endless possibilities
All packed in a day