Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Song of Life

My song of life
Is for you my precious girls
For you are my
Ecstasy and laughter

Together we have
come far
criss crossing life
and its countless challenges

In our journey together
we might have faltered
but we never gave up on life

I may have
fallen short on some occasions
but you could never doubt
the intent of a mother

But that was yesterday
Only a lesson learnt now
we have today
to mark and live as we desire

so i say to you
the world is not changed by your opinion
it is changed by
one's example

so i endeavor
to live a life
of integrity, joy and happiness
so that you
can do the same

My intent is to
show you by example 
the meaning of life

so cherish this life
be gentle with yourself
be kind to yourself
embrace yourself
hug yourself
and never stop singing
The song of Life


Many seasons
he had seen
many lands 
he had visited
many tasks he had accomplished
perfection and grace.

A devoted father
a faithful companion
an able worker
a generous neighbor
a doting grandpa

A loyal friend
he had seen
the tides
of time.

It was
Grace that defined him
Grace that
manifested his persona.

Today his
hair is silver
to the crown

The bones
have seen younger days
a trifle brittle now

But wonder of wonder
the smile rules
the twinkle in the eye

Do you know
 the secret of his
 fountain of 

Tis no mystery
his grace sits princely
cos the Child within
is alive, his constant ccompanion