Wednesday, December 17, 2014


You, Taliban
Horror of horrors
Your voluminous robes  harbor terror
You merchants of death
How could you?
How could you massacre 132 innocent school children?
Sniff away lives
Of innocent children?
Where is your mindless God?
Where is your Holy scripture?
Pause now,
Stop this dance of death
Or you may waste away
Your precious life
A life you could have used with Karma
To perpetrate love
But you chose death
As your soul is darker
than the  darkest black.

I say you don't deserve  mercy
But i want to show you
The mirror
The mirror of goodness
Which is ready to transform you
Cleanse your  cobbled mind
And spare you the penalty of death.

Don't you know
Hate never overcomes
Only love
So throw away your guns
And come and sit under the sunlight
Reflect and listen
To the teachings of the Universal Almighty
For no God ever preached terror.

We give you a chance 
Even though your hideous
Crimes don't deserve.
Mend your ways
Wash the filth from your soul
And embrace Peace
Because we promise you
We will not stop till we tattoo you with PEACE

The Birthday Gift

On her thirteenth Birthday
the mother
decided to gift her teenage girl
a unique gift

I have dressed you
in satins and ribbons
but today you
are at a unique crossroad

going with that
you deserve 
an exceptional

from hence now
You are no longer
 a child
but a young adult

You are free
to think
free to

let my 
be your 
guiding light

my gift is only a guide
you are free to 
experience life

Be kind
but dont
let people 
use you

be deceived

Love immensely
but dont
get trapped
 in its fold

have the courage
to break free

don't get
unduly disappointed

but remember
it is only the seed
Take action

and when you
are a grown woman
a ripe

a woman
 is like
Mother Earth

she was 
to gift life
and nourish

But don't forget

Just as 
you love your loved ones
don't forget to
love yourself

 your own mistakes
but learn valuable lessons
 from them

Today i hold your hand and
 send you
on an exciting

Be assured of one thing
Your mother will be with you till

The Garden of Eden

There stood in the Milky way
The garden of Eden
Curated by none other than 

The Garden bore everything
Exotic flora
Diverse Fauna
It was a playground for Adam and Eve

For a while
 Things progressed
As God 
Had planned

Enjoying the beauty of the garden
Eve lived happily
And befriended
The flower

The flower and Eve
Played merrily
In the garden
Till the sunset

One day
Walked in Adam
Bringing Eve
Exquisite flowers

Eve had found 
A new friend
And drunk with happiness
She forgot the flower

Adm and Eve
Became bosom pals
Their friendship became
The Life of the Eden

The flower
 Waited patiently
As she stood in the sideline
For her lost friend

The wait was long
But Eve returned
Once again
They played till the sunset

Why did you go away?
Why did you come back?
Will you leave me again?
The flower wanted to know

I went with Adam
Because it was meant to be
I went with him
Because i wanted to see

I came back
because we had got entangled
I came back 
Because it was time to Untangle

Adam and Even 
Shall always be friends
Just as
Eve and the flower have always been friends