Thursday, January 1, 2015


The first time 
I felt you Love
Was when I
Came out of the womb

As i entered
The world
A  mother's touch and care
Acquainted me with thee

I found it in many avenues
As i grew up
And it buried deep
In the vistas of my heart

I searched endlessly 
For that magical moment
When my soul would dance
In sync with my dreams

I found you Love
Unbelievably Unexpectedly
Like a trailing meteor
Capricious by habit

I bathed in your glory
Diving deep to its profundity
Unabashedly I drank
Thy magical potion

But like the ephemeral meteor
You disappeared without notice
Leaving me alone
Having stamped my heart till infinity

I wandered aimlessly
Wanting you back in my arms
My heartbeats soared and dipped
A tragic symphony

One fine  day
The approaching New Year
Showed me the mirror
And i made my peace

You were sweet indeed
Throwing me to the
Brinks of

But there was 
A life to be lived in fecundity
A precious gift
From Eternity

As the sun shone high and bright
I vowed
To be a better man
Than i was yesterday

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