Monday, January 5, 2015


Behind the Veil
Of voluminous Black
Covering  her body
From crown to toe
Two eyes pierced hungrily
At the world

Behind the Purdah
Of gossamer curtains
The women stood still
Their heartbeats erratic
Trying to peer through
The haze of blurred folds

Beneath the gigantic scarf
Wrapped firmly
From forehead to nape
Sliding down to the shoulders
The woman

Will the scarf  ever 
Fly way
Unhindering  the silken locks?
Would the wind ever
Plant kisses on her tresses?
Would the silken strands
Ever caress her cheeks?

Would the Purdah
Ever be wiped out?
Would she ever
Would her vision be ever complete
Devoid of fragmented light?

Would the black robes
Ever dream of Crimson hues?
Would the long robes
Ever revealed tanned legs?
Would  her hennaed hands 
Ever soak in the sunlight?
Would the kohl in her eyes
Ever entice a lover?
Would her sensuous lips
Ever smile in ecstasy?
Would the wind
Ever tickle her mid riff?
would her muffled ears
Ever recall the melody?
Would her concealed heart 
Ever dance with joy?
Would her nostrils
Ever inhale the fragrance of Juhi?

Would she ever get freedom
Like her enviable counterparts?
The Purdah
The Veil
The Scarf
Heaved a sigh of wanting
Would the burden ever be released?

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