Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wish for 2015

तच चक्षुर देवहितं 
पुरस्ताच छुक्रम उच्च चरत 
पश्येम  शरदः   शतम 
जीवेम  शरदः  शतम 
श्रीणु  यामा शरदः  शतम 
भूयश  चा  शरदः  शतम 

That Ever-wakeful Eye, Eternal, Pure

That watches close the deeds of right and wrong

Whose Holy Grace the learned souls secure

May bless in life my prayer’s sacred song.

And may we live and see a hundred years,

A hundred autumns hear His Holy Name,

And sing His Glory free from human fears

That close attend the heels of earthly fame.

And if we live for more than a hundred years,

The same delight attend us all the days

We live, and bring us all the sacred cheers

For which the heart to gracious heaven prays.

                                                                  Yajur Veda 36 : 24

This 2015 I pray that I may live to see a Hundred Autumns with my mind, body and spirit in perfect synchronization, and with no earthly Malaise.

May 2015 be the best year so far for you.

Wishing all readers of DAFFODILS a wonderful and prosperous 2015.


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