Friday, February 20, 2015



A big hello from Faridabad,  India!

I am a Poet, an author and a blogger and immensely proud to be part of the unique event

1000 Voices for Compassion


I feel COMPASSION is the GREATEST form of Love humans have to offer.

In today's times where violence, hatred, intolerance and terrorism looms large at every juncture, Compassion is the need of the moment. We need Compassion to eliminate terrorism and we need Compassion to heal.

Compassion is required in almost every sphere of life.We need to be compassionate towards the underprivileged, towards animals, towards the planet Earth.

February 20,  is also celebrated by the United Nations as World Day of Social Justice  since 2007.

 On this day the UN aims to bring world focus on social justice and well being for all.

So great care has been taken to equate Compassion with social well being by choosing this date to alk about Compassin.

Today i would like to talk about six areas where i feel we need to be Compassionate.


I have been blogging for close to five years now. On one of the Blogversaries of my Blog DAFFODILS , i realized that my Blogversary April 2, coincided with World Autism Day. As a blogger i felt i needed to dwell on this coincidence.

So, i managed to attend a fete organized to benefit the mentally challenged students. I attended the fete of TAMANNA school in new Delhi, which is a school for the special need chuldren, started by the Padam Shri,  Dr Shyama Chona  as a tribute to her special need daughter Tamanna. 

On that Sunny winter morning the lawns of the palatial Lutyens bungalow in south Delhi transformed into a riot of color in the name of Compassion.Brilliant handicrafts, home decor, gourmet food stalls and above all the brilliant performances by special need children touched everyone's heart. You can rad more about this at TAMANA


People who  limp, walk with a stick, crutches, a walker or need the wheelchair need our compassion.I feel wee need to make our housing societies, official buildings and malls wheel chair friendly.

 Indeed a lot needs to be done to sensitize our architects and planners to incorporated the required features.


Just imagine for a second, being unable to see the beauty of this world. Imagine an all pervading darkness, the only light being your inner fire. No, those of us blessed with vision cannot for even a mere second imagine that scenario. We need to be compassionate towards the visually challenged by inventing techniques to improve the quality of their life.

Furthermore we need to sensitize people for donating their eyes, so that once you depart from life, your eyes  bring life to a visually challenged person.

4.  COMPASSION for the OLD

During youth and middle age we never anticipate the challenges old age would bring for us. We all are going to be in that boat  one day. don wait to wake up for the need to take care of our elders. With the advent of nuclear families we need organized efforts to  make the life of our elders comfortable and meaningful. With old age diseases like Alzheimer s and Dementia we  need to train personnel  to take care of such people for performing the most basic of daily care tasks.


I feel most strongly about this ailment as i have observed this from extremely close quarters. My late  Mum spent the last  five years of her life confined  to the bed. She could not sit up on her own, could not stand, could not walk, could not dress on her own and could not bathe on her own. she required care 24 by 7.

it is a different matter altogether that she was a bold and courageous woman, who managed to live a life of quality despite the challenging circumstances, from the bed. her courage gave her the strength to travel to far away towns to attend the weddings of her grand children as she  did not believe in quitting on life.

for the family, the greatest challenge was shifting her from the bed to the stretcher every time she needed to be taken to to the hospital for  a checkup.There was only one way to do shift her. We had to place a sheet beneath her and four people had to life the sheet along with her on  to the stretcher. since she was heavy, the task was indeed a difficult one even for four people.

People suffering from paraplegia are the ones who need compassion the most as they are totally dependent on others for every basic activity.

As i have seen my mother face the challenges, i feel there should be special hospitals to take care of thee needs of paraplegics with specifically trained  staff.

Besides the ares i have write about there are so many more avenues where the world needs to be compassionate. It is sad indeed that a vast majority of people cannot  muster up compassion for others. I have even seen celebrities being immune towards  this emotion.


We need to hav compassion for those going through abused. I know of learned writers who do not have a compassionate bone in their body and say , "SHE ASKED FOR IT" No one ever asks to be abused. They undergo abuse cod of the  absence of compassionate people in their life who can help them come out of the cycle of abuse.

7. Lastly i wish to talk about SELF COMPASSION

Lord Buddha has said Compassion that does not include self compassion is incomplete.

This world is an imperfect one as man is a mere mortal. He continues to make mistakes, striving all life to become a better human being than yesterday.

There would be no need of a judiciary, a legal system, laws and prisons if man did not commit mistakes and crimes. Yet we have a Dr  Kiran Bedi incorporating yoga for prisoners of Tihar jail, offering the hardened criminals a makeover towards a meaningful positive life.

We must learn  not to be hard on ourselves. We have to rise above self doubts and guilt towards acceptance and peace and there after evolve to become a better human being.Just as we forgive others we deserve our own forgiveness.

There is this Shloka in Sanskrit which talks about man being a sinner:

Ham apraadhi janam ke, nakh shikh bhare vikaar

Tuv daata dukh bhanjana, hamri karo sambhar.

The Sanskrit shloka means:

We are sinners since countless births, full of faults from nose to head

O Almighty, take away  our anguish, and  take care of our lives.

This extraordinary event, 1000 Voices for Compassion is a mind blowing  and powerful feat for bloggers and people from the world of art to create awareness about the need of COMPASSION on a gigantic scale.

It is indeed  thrilling to be apart of this event, as bloggers from across the world unite today to create a  tsunami for COMPASSION.

We bloggers from across the world are indebted to Yvonne Spence and Lizzie Rogers for coming up with this brilliant idea.

I will end my post by a quote by Dalai Lama:

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them"

May #1000Speak rock the world today!

I end this post with hopes that w can incite Compassion inn ever human heart and make this world a more compassionate and beautiful
In solidarity,

Aabha Vatsa Midha

February 20, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015


Some say
Forgiveness is necessary
Else your claim to faith
And devotion to God
 Is a farce

Have you been wronged ever?
Lied to
 Had your trust broken

Have you ever been subjected to
Of the body
Mind and 

You do not seek justice?
Why then 
Every civilized society
 Legal systems and

These monuments and systems 
The wrongs need to be 
Addressed and 
Require repentance
The path to forgiveness
My friend
Is always 
Through Justice

We would not have a 
Slaying the demon

Yes, once justice
Is meted out
The soul is at peace
And henceforth
Forgiveness flows out
Like a natural  waterfall.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


You and I
Thrown together
Both by the hands of destiny 
And a call of our souls.

We walked
And stumbled
On the rocky path
With hidden pools of

We hung briefly
On the periphery
Drinking the nectar of 
Knowing too well
It would soon empty
 From the source.

Yet longing for
A second coming
I bid you adieu
My Love