Sunday, March 8, 2015


Today the world celebrates
The female half
Of the  planet.
Celebrations pour in
From all directions
Erasing boundaries
Of caste, color and creed.

The light shines incandescent 
Focusing on the fairer sex
An acknowledgement
Of her prowess
Her talent and ability
But above all
For her contribution to life
Contribution to mankind.

Today, i sit in my abode
Serene and peaceful.
The sword of Damocles
No longer hangs over my head.
My heart
bursts forth
My anguish and pain.
I sit content
Complacent  at my outpourings

I never imagined
Such a day would come
Free from meshy entangles
Stained with blood
Touching echoes of
The last cries of harvest
From the ocean.

 I stand poised
Questioning God
What now?
My anticipation swings manically
Like a drunken clock
Oscillating wildly without rhythm.

Will i meet my fate
Half way  across the road?
I have come far indeed
Will i trudge happily
To my goal?

Nervous breaths of anticipation
Wrap my mind
And yet
The bliss and  content
Assure me
That my anticipation 
Is meant to mingle with my goal.

So i sit back
Pen my thoughts
And applaud
All that has happened
And all that 
Is meant to be.

Happy International Women's Day!

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