Wednesday, April 15, 2015



My ardent love
Where are thou?
I pine away
The seasons of life

Your  silent stance
 Tugs  at  my heart strings
In vain
Lies my youth.

The music has ceased
The stars have lost their lustre
The melody is rudely interrupted
The lyrics have died a slow death.

The soul has shrunk
The voice a jaded echo
The gait is no longer agile
Halting to a zero.

But, wait a while!
Did we not relish our season of love?
Moments filled with passion
And hours of amorousness

Perhaps the best things
Only have fleeting lives
Like the precious saffron flower
That blooms at dawn and  wilts at dusk.

So do  not
 Squander  lives
But be jubilant
For  blissful days.

A cocoon of love
Is what we had
To freeze in heart
And never let depart.

So walk
On separate paths
Hearts filled with jubilation
Never a grey day.

This  love is stuff of tales
To be delivered
In the corridors
Of love.

Keep the flame aglow
In  divergent aisles
Let  love be a celebration
A  jubilation encore!

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