Sunday, April 5, 2015


My insipid life
A lonely path
Around  momentous milestones
Suddenly came across you.

As innocent and naïve
As the first
Shower of monsoons
I inhaled petrichor
My mind
Like an electrifying marathon.

Your larger than life
Unbelievable grace and warmth
Turned my insides
To a texture of gel
Soft, gooey and
Shimmering with delight.

The gaze
The touch
Stamped me
For a lifetime
And beyond
Even as i
Tattooed you on my body.

The memories
I could have never sought
Arrived with you
No phantom of thoughts
But a real

The memories
 Do a juggling act
Ecstasy and agony
Agony and ecstasy
A realm
Which is buried
And locked in my heart.

Time may have frayed
The edges of memories
But the essence  is eternal
A heart wrenching gift
You endowed on me.

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