Saturday, April 18, 2015


Today I wish
To sing my song
A song matured like wine
A testimony of my journey
When I depart and shine.

The amazing maze
Crumpled my soul
Tested my patience
My faith
And the mysterious ways of life.

Keeping my senses afloat
I waited a while
For the pot of gold
Which I yearned to hold.

A Bonus!
Indeed a bonus
This life has been
Like the birth of twins.

Like the incessant chirping
Of birds in the morning
My life has been 
A lyrical melody
The challenges
Only honed my heart.

So I am ready 
To pen my song
Acknowledge every little blessing
That makes me heady
From a babe in woods
To a wise soul.

My blessings are many
My bonuses
An overflowing basket
A sparkling gift
I gleefully unwrapped.

When the Lord
Beckons me to him
I shall happily bid goodbye
To my human sojourn
Thanking him
For bringing me the bonus zone.

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