Sunday, June 21, 2015


I am a born curator
I hold the reigns of my life
Firmly in my hands.
Free spirited and freedom loving
I won’t let you dampen my spirit
Or erode my soul.
I traverse through life
In an enchanting journey
Marked both by
Failure and success
Like the two sides of a coin.
I resent you judging me
For my life is my own
To be lived with my ink
Told in my stories.
I do not hanker after much
But to live a life in its full capacity
As un hindered as the soft breeze.
Embracing my ethics , values and likes
I have learnt to dance in sync with life’s melody
Cris crossing  danger and negativity
Yet my soul remains rinsed
With the eternal sublime light.
I curate my life with utmost care
Never giving up on spontaneity though
And when life gives in abundance
I know my secret of a well lived life
Is safely locked in my heart.

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