Friday, July 31, 2015



Affable Zephyr
Atop hills and oceans
You travel
With the migratory birds
Crossing continents.
Will you be my messenger?
Confront my love
 Who resides in distant lands
Remind him
Of the green pastures
Dotted with violets
And rhododendrons
When the heady fragrance
Mingled with our breath
Permeating our bodies.
O Zephyr!
I pine for him.
Arouse him from slumber
And narrate my tale
Of woe and longing
As I long for sweet vicissitudes.
O Zephyr!
Touch his mortal frame
And bring him with you
To my boudoir
I beseech thee
You of mammoth splendor
And gentle might.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Away from the prying eyes
Behind the velvet curtain
Resides my love
Surreptitiously framed
At ease on the serene wall.
Your luminous eyes
Pore into my turbulent soul
Your silver tresses
Mock the vibrancy of youth.
The splendor of your blazing gaze
Ignites my mind
Body and soul.
Thank goodness
The curtain takes the  toll
Liberating me
From dark dense thoughts
And a lingering pain
Locked in our hearts.
The rhythm of our tete a tete
Sings an  unheard melody
As i spend some stolen moments
With you.
My  secret is safe
Even as I count the days
For our audience.
O curtain!
Lavish my love with umpteen graces.
I stealthily plant a kiss on the cold canvas
For you to find my soul.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Do I know you?
I ask myself
With breathless candor.
Did my heart
Ever synchronize
With you in yonder days?
Did our beliefs
Fall in tandem?
Did we create
Soulful symphony together
With the wind chiming  in the background?
It seems like
Aeons ago
We walked in the lover’s lane
Our minds
Thrown away to wander.
It was  just two heartbeats
Waltzing together
Ripped apart
By our inane grudges
And thrown into far galaxies
By the cruel hands of destiny.
I ponder now
Are we strangers?

Monday, July 27, 2015


Abiding happiness
In the phenomenon of nature.
The molten sunrises
And sunsets in haunting tones
The bee drunk on nectar
The butterfly
Proud in its ethereal beauty
The birds diligently
Building nests for the mating season.
All these warm
The cockles of my heart
But my heart still pines for you.
An enchanting dream
That would spin my world into unbelievable glory.
You are my succor
Invading ambrosia in my veins.
Thanking the lord is a pressing desire
For the spurt of emotions
Lining the recesses of my heart.
Life is good
For you taught me so
But I await
To succor  my heart.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Celestial songs
Echoed through
The moonlit night
Searing pain ripped the lovers
Anticipation mounting for the tryst.
The velvety night
Hung heavy
With the fragrance of a scented garden.
A crescent moon
Nestled among twinkling  stars.
The nymph
Glided into the garden
Each step
Hurrying for her beloved.
They stood in shocked silence
As the anguish of the
Muffled  cries
Finally halted.
Aah!  what a colossal relief
Watching their love sculpting
The night into a silvery tryst.
The embrace shook the garden
As the bodies settled into each other
Defying yesterdays
And tomorrows.
Unspoken words
Filled the breath
Unsung songs hovered on lips.
Tonight her tresses
Wore the silver sheen.
Their eyes stuck in the alleys of adoration.
The liquid warmth
Of brazen desire
A malleable union.

Thursday, July 16, 2015



Uneasy footsteps
Rickety and fidgeting
 Cloaked in hushes  of guilt.
Lust dripping from glazed eyes
The notorious youth
Lurched towards the red light.
Women draped
In garish shades of red and pink
Their lips loud neon lights
Stand limply at the doorway
 And  her eyes
Like dimly lit dungeons.
The pimp haggles
And currency exchanges palms
The deal is fixed
 Of yet another willful rape.
Bodies steaming of hollow gratification
The red light business
Is brisk and booming
At the heart of treachery.
How many hours of sell out
How many months of a stony battle?
Years of treason
Like fading lingerie
Thrusting fingers of the Judas kiss.
Willful rape
Nonchalantly by the male libido
Even as the woman
Cleans herself
For the next avalanche.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


 O Critic!
Have you ever
In the alleys of a human heart?
Have you ever
Hummed a lullaby
And rocked a child?
Have you ever
Seen a coal turn into a diamond?
Have you ever felt
 The wild wind
Billowing  long silken tresses?
Have you ever gone in a trance
Listening to the Koel’s song?
O critic!
Unzip the scales from your eyes
Down the dreary curtain
Of rejection.
Pour your heart out
Into the tender soul.
Critics be damned!
I am as happy as
 A dancing Peacock.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


She night walked through life
When the demons seized her soul
Ripping her peace of mind
Shaking her confidence
Bulldozing her faith.
Angrier she grew by the minute
Bitter day by day
A hollow
Persona of her lively soul.
The milestones passed by
The seasons melted into each other.
Dusk and Dawn gave no respite
And her dark odyssey lingered on.
A doomed tunnel
Bereft of sanity.
 A light shown for a short lived pang
She gasped for breath
Running towards freedom
From her steely cage
Engulfing mouthfuls of oxygen.
Gradually the mirror eased
 The reflection in the mirror
A ghost no more
With broken ribs.
Happier she grew
Content she became
Bathed in glorious raptures
A thundering blessing
She captured the halo in her heart
Sealed with a promise of gaiety
She was angry no more.

Friday, July 10, 2015


I came into existence
More than 4 billion years ago.
After a billion years
Was born the earliest life.
The towering Redwood trees
The Grand Canyon
The mighty Amazon  
The pre historic Plankton
Have been a witness to my beauty and wonder.
The chlorophyll in vegetation
Assured photosynthesis
And release of oxygen
To nurture life.
The oxygen further accumulated
 As a protective Ozone layer
 To filter sun’s  harmful UV radiation.
From time to time
 I manifest my power
In form of
Thunder and storm
Snow and rain
Earth quakes  and land slides
Tsunami and volcanic eruptions
Blizzards and floods
Droughts and wild fires
But man, you never stop
Never stop to sabotage 
My natural bounty.
Holes in Ozone layer
 Pollution and acid rains
Loss of vegetation
Erosion of soil
And species extinction.
Behold I warn you
Do not tamper with me
Check your greed
Your insane materialistic pursuits
Like the dinosaurs
You too will be wiped out one day.
Mend your ways
 Create harmony with nature
And enjoy the precious  boon bestowed on you
The gift of LIFE.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The utter helplessness
Of a winged heart
Fluttering eyelashes
Racing heartbeats
Tremulous breaths
Roaming aimlessly.
My bizarre heart
Curled in your dreams
Leaving me breathless.
But a soaring light
A moving momentum
Turned the tides.
Grateful I am
For conquering my sensitivity
A riot no more.
Now a free bird
Wiser , happier
And enormously lucky
For that tell tale sign
Of a valiant life.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


I am a woman
The divine feminine
As old as
The primordial Universe
My  existence
Is timeless.

Blessed with a miracle
To give life
I deliver
Love and
Care blatantly.

My existence
Has been full of
I have traversed
This journey
With audacity.

Some see me as frail
Others as  a weeping willow
But behold
My tears are
Only to rinse and clean
My vision
For I propel
To unchartered heights
Carrying my goals
With me.

Other times extolled
For fortitude and courage
I dare to love
 Till the seasons melt
On my mortal frame.
Dare to bask
In raptures
Forbidden by many.

Do not pity me
 Mock me
Or get outraged
By my latent desires
Cos i seek and cherish
Only that is meant
To be embraced.

My wishes and deeds
May knock your
prudent beliefs
but I plunge deeply
beyond comfort zones
to embrace the
my soul seeks.

Free spirited
A gypsy
I swing with
The melody of life
Leaving behind
Trails and traces
Of a life at pinnacle.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


A time comes for everything
Riding on a unicorn.
A time for shedding old skin
Rough and worn out
Akin to a snake’s molting.
I happily shed my thoughts
Hindering my growth
And breathe in a new skin.
The old skin, a victim of naivety
Blissfully gives way to a brand new one
Ushering in healing..
Lessons  learnt are imbibed
And wounds anointed happily
Even as scars fade slowly.
Rejuvenated and afresh
I morph into a new soul
Even as my humane core remains timeless

Friday, July 3, 2015


My heart flutters for thee
My soul longs to be close to thee
O nature! My spirit swoons
At your exotic wonders.
The dazzling flowers
 Abundant in their glory
Spreading fragrance across acres
In the valley of flowers.
The ripe delicious fruits
Packed with ambrosia like pulp
Waiting to be devoured.
How daintily the citrus packs its juices
 How ornamentally the pomegranate stores its seeds
The deep red of apples beckon me
 And the luscious grapes tempt me so.
The red, yellow and green capsicum
 Nonchalantly  laugh a colorful riot
While an array of exotic vegetables
Tickle my taste buds.
Nature you give in profusion
 A bounty bursting  with nutrition.
But  wait!
 You adorn the Earth with yet   more miracles
Bathing it in immaculate beauty.
The azure sky garnished with feathery clouds
The dark cumulus pregnant with promise of rain
The snow peaked mountains
Longing to embrace the heaven.
The slanted needles of the Pine trees
Gently dropping the snow flakes.
The placid lakes
And the gurgling streams
The pouring rain and the accompanying thunderous orchestra
The majestic waterfalls
The ocean waves flirting with the sands
All echo my song of wonder.
The homing pigeons pecking lovingly
The soulful singing of the Koel and Cuckoo
The enchanting rain dance of the Peacock
Always incite me to thank the Providence
For a Nature so benevolent.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today is your barrel  of sunshine
Shimmering liquid gold
Of unspoken possibilities.
Seize it in your cordial embrace
Festoon it with rainbow tassels.
Tomorrow  entices like a sparkling gem
Its myriad lights winking with anticipation
Hushed dreams get woven and laid
A dazzling panorama of a tantalizing wait.
Jump on to the chariot of miracles
For tomorrow is your pot of gold.