Thursday, July 30, 2015


Away from the prying eyes
Behind the velvet curtain
Resides my love
Surreptitiously framed
At ease on the serene wall.
Your luminous eyes
Pore into my turbulent soul
Your silver tresses
Mock the vibrancy of youth.
The splendor of your blazing gaze
Ignites my mind
Body and soul.
Thank goodness
The curtain takes the  toll
Liberating me
From dark dense thoughts
And a lingering pain
Locked in our hearts.
The rhythm of our tete a tete
Sings an  unheard melody
As i spend some stolen moments
With you.
My  secret is safe
Even as I count the days
For our audience.
O curtain!
Lavish my love with umpteen graces.
I stealthily plant a kiss on the cold canvas
For you to find my soul.

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