Friday, July 10, 2015


I came into existence
More than 4 billion years ago.
After a billion years
Was born the earliest life.
The towering Redwood trees
The Grand Canyon
The mighty Amazon  
The pre historic Plankton
Have been a witness to my beauty and wonder.
The chlorophyll in vegetation
Assured photosynthesis
And release of oxygen
To nurture life.
The oxygen further accumulated
 As a protective Ozone layer
 To filter sun’s  harmful UV radiation.
From time to time
 I manifest my power
In form of
Thunder and storm
Snow and rain
Earth quakes  and land slides
Tsunami and volcanic eruptions
Blizzards and floods
Droughts and wild fires
But man, you never stop
Never stop to sabotage 
My natural bounty.
Holes in Ozone layer
 Pollution and acid rains
Loss of vegetation
Erosion of soil
And species extinction.
Behold I warn you
Do not tamper with me
Check your greed
Your insane materialistic pursuits
Like the dinosaurs
You too will be wiped out one day.
Mend your ways
 Create harmony with nature
And enjoy the precious  boon bestowed on you
The gift of LIFE.

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